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Tulane Doctors - Medical Oncology

Tulane Comprehensive Cancer Clinic‘s team of physicians are board-certified medical oncologists/hematologists. The team specializes in comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for patients with solid tumors and hematological diseases.

The highly-skilled and accomplished doctors at Tulane Comprehensive Cancer Clinic offer extensive experience in prostate, bladder, breast, lung, colorectal, head & neck, cervical, ovarian, liver and pancreatic cancers, multiple myeloma, leukemia, hematological disorders, stem cell transplant and brain tumors. Our medical oncologists and hematologists meet with patients and their families to determine an individualized treatment plan that is optimal for each patient.Read More

Tulane Cancer Clinic physicians may participate in collaborative consultations with other Tulane physicians to provide patients the best treatment options for their disease. These consultations can occur in multidisciplinary case review sessions called "Tumor Boards," where doctors from Tulane Comprehensive Cancer Clinic and Tulane Medical Group meet each week to present and discuss their toughest cases. Many patients with cancer present unique treatment challenges due to the type, complexity or aggressiveness of the cancer, the location or spread of the malignancy, or simply the age or overall health and condition of the patient. The weekly tumor board meetings provide specialists with a forum for discussion where their patients benefit from the expertise of several physician specialists all working toward the optimal treatment plan. Among the many disciplines represented in these weekly meetings are physicians with specialties in radiology, pulmonology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, hematology, urology, gynecologic-oncology, surgery, and Symptom Management.

Where medically appropriate, the physicians may present patients with opportunities for participation in clinical trials through our research department.

Experienced oncology nurses provide nursing assessments, education and follow-up for patients seen in the Medical Oncology Clinic.

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