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Tulane Doctors - Specialists

Our team of radiation specialists works closely with other physicians and specialists to ensure that treatments are effective, safe, compassionate, and comfortable.  The Tulane radiation specialists include:

Radiation Oncologists – physicians who specialize in cancer treatment of cancer using radiation therapy:

Kendra Harris, MD, MSc

Radiation Therapy Physicists – allied health professionals who ensure that cancer patients receive the prescribed dose of radiation to the correct location; each is certified by the American Board of Radiology:

Meisong Ding, PhD
Chris Fox, PhD

Radiation Therapists – allied health professionals who administer radiation treatments; each is certified in operating advanced computer systems and sophisticated radiation therapy equipment:

Mandy Carter, RTT
Shelly Chapital, RTT
Claudia Garcia, RTT - Chief Therapist
Shannon Stewart, RTT

Oncology Nurses – nurses who specialize in the care of cancer patients

Nadia Barthelemy, RN

Medical Dosimetrists – trained specialists in radiation treatment planning; each is certified by the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board:

Virginia Bubenzer, CMD
Carol Boyd, CMD


Tulane’s Comprehensive Cancer Center also includes nutritional, psychological, and social support services, as well as an innovative Arts in Medicine program.