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Tulane Doctors ~ Free Prostate Cancer Screenings

Tulane Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinic offers free prostate cancer screenings on the second Tuesday of each month.

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Because of Tulane’s ongoing belief and continued research to fight and eliminate cancer, Tulane is offering free prostate screenings on the second Tuesday of each month. A simple blood test is performed called PSA at the Tulane Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinic, 150 S. Liberty St, New Orleans, LA.

“If detected early, prostate cancer may be treated with a high probability of cure,” said Oliver Sartor, M.D., the Laborde Professor of Cancer Research in the Departments of Medicine and Urology. “Through our free screening program, we’re trying to make it as convenient and painless as possible for the men of our community to take charge of their health.” doctor consulting with male patient

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood. It is normal for men to have low levels of PSA in the blood; however, prostate cancer or benign (non-cancerous) conditions can increase PSA levels.Read More

The American Cancer Society recommends that men offered regular PSA tests, along with digital rectal exams beginning at age 50. These tests should be offered earlier for those at increased risk for prostate cancer, including those with a family history of prostate cancer or African-American men.

Screening participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire regarding family history and to provide a small blood sample. Given time constraints, a prostate exam will not be offered. Men will also be given literature describing the strengths and limitations of PSA blood testing. All participants will be notified of their PSA test results via telephone and registered letter, and those requiring follow-up will be directed to see their personal physicians or they can make an appointment to see a Tulane physician.

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