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pregnant patient consultationThe Hayward Genetics Center has been providing primary and tertiary care genetic services to patients for over 20 years and is the referral center to the Louisiana State Genetic Diseases Program for metabolic diseases.

The Clinical Genetics Service provides comprehensive clinical service for patients with all forms of inherited disorders and birth defects. Our board-certified Clinical Geneticists (including a board-certified Perinatologist/Geneticist/ Obstetrician) and Metabolic Geneticists work as a team with two board-certified Genetic Counselors and a licensed metabolic Nutritionist to provide diagnosis, genetic counseling and management of genetic disorders, including all inborn errors of metabolism.

The Hayward Genetics Center provides clinical genetics services at Tulane Lakeside Hospital and Clinic.  Clinical appointments can be made by calling our Genetic Counselor, Chris Dvorak, MS, CGC, at 504-988-5101.Read More

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Patients can be seen at Tulane Genetics Clinic in New Orleans or at one of the satellite clinics:

Hammond Health Unit (Hammond)
Baton Rouge General (Baton Rouge)
East Baton Rouge Parish Health Unit (Baton Rouge)
Lafayette Public Health Unit (Lafayette)
Women's and Children's Hospital (Lafayette)


Information for Health Care Professionals

Patients who could be referred for genetic evaluation and counseling include individuals with unexplained mental retardation, poor growth, short stature, congenital malformations or other birth defects. Couples with recurrent spontaneous miscarriages, or pregnancies associated with exposure to drugs, radiation or other teratogenic agents may be referred for evaluation and genetic counseling. Other reasons for referral may include couples who have questions about consanguinity, couples who are part of an ethnic group with a higher incidence of specific genetic disorders, and infants who are placed for adoption. Families of individuals with single gene disorders (e.g., phenylketonuria [PKU], cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy), chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome) or multifactorial condition (cleft palate, congenital heart defect) may benefit from genetic evaluation, counseling and management.

Genetic counseling is a communication process that deals with the human problems associated with the risk of occurrence or recurrence of a genetic disorder in a family. This process helps individuals and families comprehend the genetic and medical facts, including the diagnosis, probable clinical course of the disorder, and available management. The risk of recurrence is assessed and the inheritance pattern is discussed. Genetic counseling also helps the family or individual adjust to a diagnosis, and learn how to appropriately manage the disorder. The team approach of the Hayward Genetics Center allows the physicians, nutritionist, genetic counselor, and laboratory to interact to provide the most comprehensive management for patients with genetic disorders. For questions about referrals, please call 504-988-5101 and speak to Chris Dvorak, MS, CGC .

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