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What services are offered at the Tulane University Travel Clinic?

  1. Detailed education on common travel-related concerns:

    - Food-borne illness
    - Illness spread by insects
    - Safety while abroad
    - Specific issues which might be a risk for persons with underlying medical conditions.
    - Medications to treat traveler’s diarrhea, prevent malaria, and reduce the chance of altitude sickness
    - Advice for persons working abroad (medical, public health, business, other)
    - Diving and high-altitude preparation

  2. Comprehensive review of your vaccine history

    - We will recommend vaccines for travel and those needed for routine health maintenance (pneumonia, shingles, tetanus vaccines, for example)
    - We can administer all travel-related vaccines on-site (same day as your visit in almost all cases), including Yellow Fever vaccine.

  3. Coordination of care with your primary care and/or specialty physicians
  4. All records are entered into our electronic medical record system, with the ability to access your records from home through the patient portal
  5. Up to date handouts provided regarding health & safety information for your destination(s)
  6. Products for sale (oral rehydration salts, insect repellants, sunscreens) on-site with competitive pricing