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At Tulane Travel Health Clinic our priority is to promote healthy and responsible travel. In light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic we do not believe that the overwhelming majority of international travel to be consistent with healthy and responsible travel. Thus, the Tulane Travel Health Clinic will be suspending operations at this time. If your departure is soon, we ask that you reconsider travel, or work with another travel health provider to prepare you for your trip. If your departure is more distant, you can call our clinic and leave a message indicating your destination(s), date of departure, reason for travel (including whether the travel is for government or university business, or for pleasure).

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Tulane Doctors - Travel Health@ Ruth Fertel Tulane Community Health Center

Mon-Fri, 8:00 - 5:00pm  |  Central Time

If you are among the more than 65 million Americans who will travel internationally this year, you should consider a visit to the Tulane Travel Health Clinic. At the Tulane Travel Health Clinic we know that keeping travelers healthy can be complicated and beyond the training of many primary care doctors (and internet searches). We prepare a personalized travel health plan, suited not just to your destination, but tailored to your specific health needs.


What We Do

When you come to a pre-travel consultation at the Tulane Travel Health Clinic we review your medical history and medications to ensure you are adequately prepared to manage any long-term health issues appropriately, and to factor those conditions into our planning. We go over your itinerary in detail including destinations and the types of activities you are planning during the trip. We’ll make sure you are prepared for a range of health problems that could be encountered during travel, including common issues like traveler’s diarrhea or malaria, less common ones like cholera or Japanese Encephalitis Virus, and non-infectious things like altitude sickness. And yes, we’ll make sure you get the right vaccines. Call the clinic for prices.

For those interested in having one of our doctors present to a group traveling together such as a school, church, or company, please contact the clinic for more information.

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Who We Serve

With both pediatric and adult specialists on staff, we can see whole families or group of friends during the same visit, while making sure that everyone has the specialized care they deserve.

If you are traveling as part of a larger group such as a school, business, or church, we can provide general advice to the whole group while also allowing individuals within the group to seek personalized consultation. Contact the clinic for details.

Our Doctors

Our doctors are ALL board certified in Infectious Disease and either Internal Medicine or Pediatrics, ALL are on the teaching faculty at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the oldest school of public health in the nation, and ALL are clinicians on the faculty at the Tulane School of Medicine.

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Clinic Locations

Tulane Doctors - Travel Health@ Ruth Fertel Tulane Community Health Center
For Appointments: 504-988-1947

Tulane Doctors - Travel Health@ Ruth Fertel Tulane
Community Health Center
711 N. Broad Street, Suite B
New Orleans, LA 70119
504-988-1947 for appointments