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Reagent Supply Center


Vendors-Supply Centre, Bio Rad, Genewiz

The SIF provides access to specific vendor products, offering discount pricing with no shipping charges.

Location and hours of operation:

School Of Medicine, Rm. 6722, Monday-Friday, 8:30-5pm.

For information please contact:

Tania Antoshchenko

Thermo Fisher/Life Technologies Supply Center

The Thermo Fisher/Life Technologies Supply Center offers everyone the opportunity to get the best pricing on products required for their research. There are no shipping or dry ice charges when ordering through the Supply Center.

All orders should be placed online through SciQuest/Tulane University-SIF Supply Center and will be available for pickup at SIF, Rm. 6722 when they arrive.

Supply Center keeps stock of some frequently ordered items, such as DMEM, PBS, Trypsin EDTA, precast gels, FBS etc. Stocked items can be picked up from SIF the same day.

Please contact Tania 504-988-7165, biosif@tulane.edu for details.

Genewiz DNA Sequencing Services


Genewiz provides such services as DNA sequencing at competitive pricing. To begin, setup your on-line account and fill out a submission form. For additional information on Genewiz's unique offerings, contact Tania Antoshchenko.


Bio-Rad Automated Supply Center


Bio-Rad reagent and consumables can be purchased directly from the self-service kiosk located in Rm. 6722 of the SOM. Bio-Rad Kiosk features a touch-screen tablet with easy to use interface and barcode reader. For information on how to register, please contact Tania 504-988-7165, biosif@tulane.edu.