School of Medicine Guiding Principles


Tulane University School of Medicine is committed to creating and maintaining a positive, inclusive, and professional learning environment that is firmly rooted in our Guiding Principles. As a community, we pledge to embrace and uphold these core values in all aspects of our work and actively contribute to the ongoing success of our institution.

Our Guiding Principles include:

Respect, Ethical Integrity, Communication, Accountability, Drive for Excellence banner

Treat everyone, regardless of position or authority, with kindness, dignity and respect.

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Recognize every member of the team as having important contributions to achieve team goals
  • Treat others the way they would like to be treated. If you don’t know, ask
  • Responsibly use resources – people’s time and organizational funding


Do the right thing, even when it's hard or inconvenient

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Always put the learner at the center of all education decisions, the patient at the center of all care decisions, and the scientific method at the center of all research decisions
  • Own your mistakes
  • Seek ethical guidance when making challenging decisions


Have clear and timely communication that is focused on achieving solutions.

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Seek to understand first. Ask questions with open curiosity
  • Be transparent. Communicate as much relevant information as possible and acknowledge when you must withhold information and why
  • Bring a positive and collaborative spirit to all interactions. Focus discussions on solutions and stop discussions that ‘admire the problem’ or focus on fixing blame


Know and do what is expected of you in your role.

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Prepare for every meeting, patient interaction, research assignment and/or educational activity
  • Transparently measure what matters
  • Celebrate success and achievements. Notice more of what you want


Continuously deliver and improve your best work

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Foster a growth mindset at every stage of life
  • Routinely ask, “Have I/we given our best effort?” Never settle for mediocrity, either personally or for your team
  • Value and intentionally seek diversity. Recognize that diverse experiences, perspectives and ways of thinking lead to smart decisions and great discoveries