Tulane Learning Communities

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Vision: The Tulane Learning Communities (TLC) aim to enhance the social connectivity of the School of Medicine and provide direct mentoring to students through individual meetings and group social events.

Mission Statement: The broadest goal of the Tulane Learning Communities is to facilitate a sense of community among students, residents, alumni, and faculty of the School of Medicine. TLC provides a framework for students to find the necessary resources to succeed in their academic, personal, and professional lives. Through the program, Tulane graduates develop meaningful connections with faculty and peers, further strengthening the Tulane experience and the Tulane Alumni network nationwide.



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In the TLC program, students are divided into 6 Faubourgs (like “houses” but with some traditional New Orleans flair). Each Faubourg is then headed by a faculty Community Director. These Faubourgs are then further subdivided into some small groups (or “cohorts”) with an individual faculty mentor. Within each cohort, there will be various social events and opportunities to develop relationships with the between classes, and there is specific time set aside for personal and professional development with a faculty mentor.

The TLC groups are also integrated into the Foundations in Medicine (FIM) curriculum (a longitudinal course students take throughout the first 2 years), so students will be attending the FIM classes with the other members of their TLC cohort. These activities include ethics classes, simulation sessions, standardized patient lessons, and more.