Abenet Ghebremichael

The TLC cohort is a great opportunity to work and play with a team of students, which has helped me grow and learn in addition to traditional medical education. The TLC program also allows for the sharing of ideas in a more intimate setting than in a whole class setting. After meeting my faculty mentor, I met with her in her practice and had the valuable opportunity to shadow her, in a way that I have never before. She had me gather preliminary history from patients and we got to discuss before and after seeing the patient. We also shared many thoughts on medical education, career planning, and life as a physician. She also is very available when fielding questions that a physician would be best suited to answer.

Katie Carsky

My TLC experience was so much more than I had expected it to be. I feel like I really got to know some great friends that I otherwise may have never spent much time with. Our group is always laughing and always supporting one another. Dr. Paramesh has been a great mentor, and he is always willing to take the time to talk to us or lend a hand. He is full of great recommendations and insight. He is also very welcoming in the OR when it comes to shadowing. 10/10 for TLC. Can't wait for next year! 

Meaghan Coyne

Dr. Jones has been an incredible mentor this year. From the very first day at orientation, she seemed genuinely interested in getting to know each of us and helping in any way she could. She has helped me with applications for summer programs and offered tips on the best place to get an oil change. She has consistently been excited and eager to attend our TLC events and you can tell she looks at them as more than just another obligation to fulfill. In every way, Dr. Jones strives to make her students feel welcome at Tulane and in New Orleans and is willing to help accomplish that in anyway she can. I feel grateful to have her as a faculty mentor.

Christine Petrin

My TLC mentor, Dr. Andrews, was such an amazing resource in my first year at Tulane. Whenever we met, I always left feeling more confident and relaxed. From laid back TLC events to more formal shadowing, my time with my TLC group and Dr. Andrews helped me feel more at home at Tulane and helped me clarify the kind of career I envision for myself once I leave.