Undergraduate Medical Education (MD Program)

doctors hands viewing clipboard

The curriculum for the School of Medicine is designed to prepare future physicians with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for any specialty field they choose.  The pre-clinical curriculum is taught as a series of system-based modules, where Phase 1 focuses primarily on normal structure and function and Phase 2 is primarily focused on applying that knowledge to the pathophysiology, pathogenesis, etiology and treatment of disease states within the field of clinical medicine.  Students begin learning clinical skills early in Year 1.  Specialty based clinical training begins in May of Year 2 and continues throughout most of Year 3.  The final phase of the curriculum is designed to help students choose and prepare for their residency choice while enhancing skills in emergency medicine, radiology and cultural competence.    The curriculum provides enough flexibility for early and numerous opportunities in community service and service-learning, dedicated time for students interested in dual degrees (MPH, MBA), or mentored research and global experiences.