MD Program ~ Curriculum ~ Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

About IDS

The Interdisciplinary Seminar Series (IDS), established by the Curriculum Committee in 2008-2009, is designed to bring students and faculty together to discuss topics that may not be represented, or covered in depth, in the standard curriculum. To provide well-rounded educational opportunities, these topics are presented in interactive learning sessions with the exact format determined by the seminar leader(s). Formats may include case-based or problem-based learning, team-based learning, standardized patients or other role-playing of clinical scenarios, or small group discussions, etc.

Third and fourth-year students are required to complete a minimum of 5 topics prior to graduation. The minimum and maximum number of students who can attend each seminar is determined by the seminar leader.

Seminars are posted online as they become available. Each seminar has limited space; therefore the sooner students sign up, the more likely they are to be able to attend seminars of their choice.

If students encounter a problem signing up, they should contact the Office of Medical Education by phone: 504.988.6600, or by email:

Faculty who would like to offer seminars may complete the online Faculty Facilitator Form or contact the Office of Medical Education by phone: 504.988.6600, or by email:

Faculty Facilitator Form


Using the IDS System - Students

You will be able to register for upcoming seminars, view completed seminars, and drop sessions that you can no longer attend.  Space in the seminars is usually very limited, and there are many students needing to fulfill the requirement, so please be considerate of your peers. If you find it necessary to drop a seminar, please notify OME by phone: 504-988-6600 or e-mail:, and enter your "drop" status in the online registration system so that another student will be able to take the vacated space.

Access the IDS site

**If you note any discrepancies in your completed seminar information, please e-mail  Also, please e-mail if you experience any problems or encounter errors with the registration process.**


  1. Log in using your Tulane e-mail user ID (before the and password.
  2. Once logged in, click the tab "Register" to view all upcoming sessions.
  3. The session end time and minimum/maximum enrollment will be displayed under the detailed description.
  4. Click the "Enroll" link to enroll in a session.
  5. You will receive an instant confirmation e-mail.

Dropping a Session:  You can simply log into the system and drop the session yourself.  However, as a professional courtesy, please either drop the session online or e-mail ids, or call OME at 504-988-6600 to ensure that another student can use the vacated space in the seminar.

  1. Click the tab "View Registered Events".
  2. Under "Upcoming Events", click the "Unenroll" link next to the session you cannot attend.

Attendance: Attendance is done by going into the system and entering an attendance code given to you by your facilitator on the day of the session.

  1. Login to the system (
  2. Click on the 'Confirm Attendance Link
  3. Enter the attendance code for the session.
  4. You will immediately get a confirmation that you've attended as well as an email with a link to fill out the feedback survey for the session.
  5. You must fill in the survey to get credit for the session.

Completed Seminars:

  1. Click the tab "My Courses" or "Completed Courses"
  2. My Courses contain all courses that have been registered as you.  It includes the status of attendance, completeness, and gives you the link the survey if not complete.
  3. Completed Courses contains the listing of courses that have been completed (attended and survey filled out and thus given credit).