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MD Program - Interdisciplinary Seminar Series
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The Interdisciplinary Seminar Series was created to address topics relevant to clinical practice that may not be fully covered in the standard curriculum. Each seminar runs approximately 2.5–3.0 hours, and emphasizes active learning opportunities for students. Lecture is limited to 20-30 minutes followed by interactive learning such as small group problem-solving, discussion of clinical vignettes or journal articles, role-playing scenarios, etc. Small group exercises promote active learning and help students to develop clinical competencies by encouraging team work and allowing them to integrate the seminar content with their own clinical and life experiences. Seminar topics are generated through student and faculty suggestions and are approved by the IDS Director. Faculty are invited to develop seminars based on their own specialty or areas of interest, and are encouraged to team-teach with faculty from other disciplines whenever practical. The seminar date and time are selected by the facilitator, who may choose to offer the seminar once or repeat it periodically during the year. Faculty also may choose to offer additional seminars on other topics at their convenience. Students are required to complete a minimum of five seminars of their choice during years three and four. There are no exams or grades; credit is given for participation.

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