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The gold standard: Nobel Prize gifted to Tulane University by Dr. Andrew Schally


Forty-seven years after endocrinologist Dr. Andrew Schally was awarded the Nobel Prize for medical research conducted at Tulane University, the prestigious award is returning home. A researcher at Tulane and the New Orleans VA Medical Center from 1962-2005, Schally donated his Nobel Prize to Tulane University School of Medicine, where it will soon be put on display to inspire the next generation of researchers to reach for similar heights. Read the full story here.

Departments, Centers & Institutes

Our diverse departments, centers, and institutes, each contribute significantly to our institution's academic and research excellence. They collectively reflect Tulane's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative research, and the advancement of medical science and patient well-being.

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Academic Programs

Tulane School of Medicine emphasizes a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to training future physicians, offering a diverse range of programs that integrate cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and hands-on clinical experience.

  Medical (MD)   Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program   Graduate Medical Education   Combined Degrees   Continuing Education   Aging Studies PhD

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