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Tulane Urology program aims to increase diversity in the field


Of the more than 14,000 practicing urologists in the United States, less than 7% of those physicians are Black or Hispanic. The latest census report from the American Urological Association also found that the median age of practicing urologists is 55, with physicians 65 or older making up the largest age group. To address this disparity and the need for more physicians, the Department of Urology at Tulane University School of Medicine launched the Purposeful Infrastructure Promoting Equality (PIPE) Scholars Program. This initiative aims to inspire students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue medical careers, particularly in urology. 

Four students have been named PIPE Scholars for 2024: Mahmoud Abdelmagid Mahgoub, Seema Asim Burhan Abdel-Mageed, Elizabeth Irene Burke, and Patience Janae Monroe.

Departments, Centers & Institutes

Our diverse departments, centers, and institutes, each contribute significantly to our institution's academic and research excellence. They collectively reflect Tulane's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative research, and the advancement of medical science and patient well-being.

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Academic Programs

Tulane School of Medicine emphasizes a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to training future physicians, offering a diverse range of programs that integrate cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and hands-on clinical experience.

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