Lactation and Breastfeeding Spaces

All Codes can be found Here (Box URL -- Requires Tulane Username/Password for access)

Tulane Downtown


Tulane Downtown Hospital

  • Room 4420. Fridge but no sink. There are fridges in most lounges throughout the building. 


  • Room M064 (mezzanine). Fridge but no sink.

Tidewater Building

  • Room 1830. Fridge and sink.

Murphy Building

  • 15th floor, ask the Student Affairs receptionist how to find it.
    Has a sink. Ask to use the Student Affairs fridge.
Tulane Lakeside Hospital

Hallway by admin – photo pending. Other unofficial options are the resident call room, 4th floor resident resource room.


  • Tower 3: A dedicated room with a fridge but no sink is across the hall from the Surgery Clerkship on call room (5360). The on call rooms are also an option: 

    • Surgery Clerkship Room 5630 – code (Codes on Linked PDF)
    • Medicine Clerkship Room 5361 – code (Codes on Linked PDF)
    • Open call rooms for anyone 5348, 5355, 5388 – code (Codes on Linked PDF)
  • 4th floor clinic: A patient changing room with a bench is located by the check-out desks; ask the check-out desk staff for help to find them. No fridge or sink, but do have outlets. There are fridges in the staff rooms in the north corner of every clinic floor.
  • 4th floor main hospital: there are rooms in the hallway outside the OR, but I don’t know the codes.
  • Downstairs main hospital: Dedicated rooms with sinks but no fridges are in the women's locker room on the first floor (map below).


  • Staff Room next to the locker rooms.
  • Lounge on the 4th floor – similar location on that floor to the women's locker room, overlooking the south entrance.

UMC Lactation Location Diagram



VA Hospital

The clinic (J) room has a fridge but no sink.

Children’s Hospital (CHNOLA)

  • T1st floor in main corridor, near Staff Respite room (past blue elevators) 
  • 2nd floor ACC next to the green elevators. (Codes on Linked PDF)
  • 2nd floor of Behavioral Health 3rd floor in the (Codes on Linked PDF) 
  • 3rd floor of State St, just off the elevators 
  • 2nd floor, near 2Center Conference Room. 
  • This room has a fridge.