Standardized Patient - About Us

faculty and students in the labThe primary mission of the Standardized Patient Program is to enhance clinical training at Tulane University School of Medicine (TUSOM). This is accomplished through the innovative integration of Standardized Patients into the curriculum in the areas of teaching and assessment of physical examinations, medical interviewing, communication and interpersonal skills, at all levels of education from year one through the post graduate years.

The Standardized Patient Program began in 1989 as a Gynecological Teaching Program and expanded throughout the 1900's. The SP Program began conducting clinical skills assessments in 2002 for the University of South Alabama and Baton Rouge General Hospital. Now housed in a state of the art facility since 2007, the Standardized Patient Program provides approximately10,000 hours of practical testing and teaching to the Tulane School of medicine each year. The SP Program currently uses LearningSpace software, a flexible solution for Standardized Patient-based testing and medical education

The Standardized Patient Program has become a recognized industry expert, frequently advising other institutions on the organization and use of Standardized Patients. LearningSpace technology has since been adopted by similar SP programs globally. New and external projects are continually added to the SP curriculum.


Assessments included in the Standardized Patient Program:

  • The Standardized Clinical Objective Performance Exam (SCOPE)
  • The Tulane Objective Structured Clinical Exam (TOSCE)
  • Focused Exams (FEX)
  • Male Urogenital Teaching (MUTA) sessions

Sessions focused on patient-centered communication include:

  • Sexual History-Taking
  • Medical Interviewing
  • Patient Education and Counseling

Standardized Patient Program Grant Participation:

  • The Physical Diagnosis Ambulatory Disease Management Grant
  • Ambulatory Healthcare Grant