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Academic Affairs Newsletter
December 2023 Edition 

Happy Holidays! (if you are celebra3ng) If not, Happy Winter Break! One of our key goals is to engage in con3nuous quality improvement regarding our educational programs, student support, and the overall student experience. We are providing a snapshot of completed and future changes that are all intended to help meet these goals in the 2023-24 Academic Year. We have worked closely with student representa3ves,
class officers, faculty, staff, and administrators to accomplish much of this. I hope the time away from your academic obliga3ons is restorative & restful! – Dr Chakraborti, December 18, 2023



  • Congrats on completing your 1st semester of medical school!
  • Dr Valerie Holiday is the new FIM assistant course director and will oversee revamping the EDI-PD sessions and the Ethics Sessions
  • In depth review of Tulane exam questions is ongoing


  • Additional CBSSA over winter break to help self-assess as you begin thinking about STEP 1
    • Dec 18: Distributing new CBSSA vouchers
    • Jan 8: vouchers will revert back to OME
    • T2s still in BMB so be aware some questions may not be answerable
  • ACLS certification required by April of T2 year.  Scheduling class instructions forthcoming
  • Step 1
    • Feb 19: official CBSSA on Feb 19;
    • Feb 20: dedicated period kick-off starts
  • New positions:
    • Endo/Repro-2 module director – Dr. Mercedes Ficarra


  • EJ Transition:
    • Move planned for Jan 9; IM & Surgery will be initial clerkships moving in January
  • Parking & shuttles have been verified
  • Scheduling meetings for T4 year start after MLK day
  • Holidays: MLK (1/15); Mardi Gras (2/12-13); Spring Break (2/26-3/1)
  • New positions:
    • T3/T4 Coordinator – Chandra Growe


  • Nursing program approved!!! Will begin planning IPE sessions
  • EJ Transition:
    • Move planned for Jan 9; IM & Surgery will be initial clerkships moving in January
    • Parking & shuttles have been verified
  • New positions:
    • T4 Radiology – Dr. Jane Ball
  • Schedule your IDS sessions; completing 5 is required to satisfy graduation requirements

Good luck to all ERAS & early match applicants!

Research, Safety, Space Updates, Professionalism Program


  • New funding secured for student research travel expenses; to be dispersed via MSG
  • Student research website approved to provide database of research opportunities

Safety Updates

  • Visible ID badges! Following EJ transition, TUMC expecting contractors; construction workers, etc. Badge enforcement throughout campus will be a priority to ensure safety for students, faculty, and staff
  • Reduced monthly parking at 1540 Canal Street
  • Everbridge safety app
  • After-hours free parking downtown
  • TransLōc app for On-Demand transportation
  • TU Companion app update in progress

Space Updates [Student Study Spaces]

  • New lockers available Murphy 1st floor
  • New greenspace approved behind Tidewater
  • New furniture in Murphy/Hutch lobbies
  • Renovation soon on Hutch Student Lounge

Professionalism Program - Annual Report