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Remedial Medical Biochemistry

An eight-week on-line Remedial Medical Biochemistry course.

Program Overview: The course is broken into two course modules, Metabolic Biochemistry and Cellular Biochemistry. Depending on their remedial needs, students can opt to take either or both course modules. The Metabolic Biochemistry module covers six content blocks, including (1) Fundamentals and Kinetics, (2) Carbohydrate Metabolism, (3) Energy Production, (4) Lipid Metabolism, (5) Nitrogen Metabolism, and (6) Complex Disease States. The Cellular Biochemistry module covers an additional six content blocks, including (1) DNA/RNA/Proteins, (2) Glycobiology, (3) Protein Trafficking and Structural Proteins, (4) Blood, (5) Signal Transduction, and (6) Cell Cycle and Cancer. If a student only needs remediation in the Cellular Biochemistry module, some Metabolic Biochemistry Fundamentals topics are included.

Learning resources include study guides, reading synopses, streaming videos and assessment question banks.

The course director (David S. Franklin, PhD, 504-988-8868, franklin@tulane.edu) is available by telephone or email to answer content questions. The senior program coordinator (Kelly Ragland, 504-988-0395, kraglan@tulane.edu) is available by telephone or email to answer enrollment and billing questions.  To assess the student's performance at the completion of each module, a comprehensive exam is sent to the student's medical school. The exam is to be proctored by the course director or dean at the institution OR by Tulane via an online proctoring system.  Local New Orleans students can be proctored on Tulane's Downtown campus.  A pass is 70% and above, with failing at 69% and below.

Qualifications and Prerequisites: Students must be registered in an accredited US Medical School, or equivalent. Students take the course modules on-line at their own institution. A letter must be supplied from the institutional Dean of Students, providing the following information: (1) written approval to take the course module(s), (2) which module(s) is(are) to be taken, (3) assurance that a passing grade in the summer remedial course is acceptable for removing the student's weaknesses or deficit, and (4) that a proctor will be supplied to administer the course module exams (please provide contact information for the proctor) OR that a proctored ONLINE exam is acceptable OR proctored locally on Tulane's Downtown Campus, and (5) that students will not be required to take any simultaneous curricular course work that might interfere with the student’s success in the summer remedial course.

Course Dates: 

May 22nd, 2023 to July 21st, 2023 (BOTH modules)
May 22nd, 2023 to June 21st, 2023 (Metabolic ONLY)
June 16th, 2023 to July 21st, 2023 (Cellular ONLY)

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Miscellaneous Information: (1) Application Process: The application, tuition and letter of support from the Dean of Students must all be submitted before the application is considered complete. Further instructions are supplied in the application. Please contact the department if you have any questions. (2) Housing: N/A. (3) High Speed Internet: All lectures are presented as streaming video, which are optimized for high bandwidth Internet connections (e.g., DSL, cable modem, T1). (4) Multimedia Computer: Since all lectures consist of both audio and video, computers must be capable of playing audio, and have speakers or headphones. The monitor must be capable of displaying a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels. It is recommended that computers (either PC or Mac) be capable of playing Windows Media .asx and .wmv files, and have Windows Media Player 11 (or higher), Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader software.