Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program

for Students Preparing for Medical School

Jan. 2022 update: The Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program is on hiatus status for this year.


Dear Prospective Students,

We appreciate your interest in the Anatomy Certification and Leadership Program (ACLP) at Tulane Medical School. This program is designed for students who are in the acceptance range at a United States allopathic medical school but did not gain admission for lack of some outstanding item in their application.

ACLP students will participate in the same anatomical science courses that first year (T1) Tulane medical students are enrolled in. ACLP students will attend classes, laboratories, review sessions and take the same examinations and assessments as do medical students.

The program is intended only for enhancement of medical school admission credentials. ACLP students are not matriculating Tulane graduate students and will receive no graduate credit hours. ACLP students are not matriculating Tulane medical students and will receive no medical school credit hours. ACLP students are students of the Department of Structural and Cellular Biology and will receive a certificate from the department upon completion of the program.

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It has been our experience that excellent performance in this program will clearly demonstrate to medical school admissions committees that the applicant has the qualifications and abilities to do very well in medical school. For these reasons, successful completion of the ACLP program can improve the chances of acceptance to medical school. However, upon completion of this program, there are no guarantees of admission to any medical school, including to Tulane Medical School. The Department of Structural and Cellular Biology designed the ACLP program to give students every opportunity to demonstrate to admission committees their suitability for medical school. Upon completion of the ACLP program, students will be awarded a certificate of completion. Upon request, an additional letter of certification listing all the courses taken with the numerical grades received in comparison to the mean grade for medical students will be provided by the department. These letters will be sent to any medical school admissions committee as specified by the student.

For applications for the incoming 2021 ACLP class, the following change was made for qualification for admission:

  1. Applicants must either be on the waitlist to Tulane Medical School, or if the applicant did not apply to Tulane, the applicant must be on the waitlist of at least one major United States allopathic medical school.
For applicants accepted into the ACLP program, the following updates and changes have been made to be considered for admission to Tulane Medical School:
  1. ACLP students will receive an interview from the SOM Admissions Committee if their performance equals or exceeds that of Tulane first year (T1) medical students.
  2. An interview does not guarantee acceptance into the Tulane Medical School class.
  3. To be accepted to Tulane Medical School, the applicant must meet all of the admission standards for Tulane Medical School independent of participation in the ACLP program.
  4. If an ACLP student has any disciplinary issues or if any charges are filed against a student while in the ACLP program, the Office of Admissions will be notified immediately. Such infractions will likely disqualify the student from being considered for admission to Tulane Medical School or result in an acceptance being rescinded.
  5. Failure to complete the ACLP program will disqualify the student from consideration for admission to Tulane Medical School.
  6. ACLP students who are accepted into Tulane Medical School must take all of the same exams and assessments as every other matriculating T1 student. This includes taking the Gross and Developmental Anatomy course for grade during their T1 year.
  7. ACLP students who are accepted into Tulane Medical School will agree to serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for the Gross and Developmental Anatomy course in their first year of medical school.
The required application materials you will need to submit for review is listed below. If you have any questions, you may contact our office at 504-988-5255 M-F between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM CST.

The total tuition for the ACLP program for 2021-2022 is $17,000. No fellowships are available.

The following application materials are required of ALL applicants:

  1. A letter of intent to apply to the program and a statement of purpose, explaining how the program may benefit you. This can be combined into one letter.
  2. A photocopy of your wait list letter from an accredited USA medical school affirming your wait list status. There are NO EXCEPTIONS for this request. This is MANDATORY for all applicants.
  3. A photocopy of your AMCAS application or your home state medical school application.
  4. A photocopy of all MCAT scores. As long as your score is indicated in your AMCAS application you do not need to submit a separate copy.
  5. At least three letters of recommendation from academic and/or medical personnel.
  6. Any additional supportive information that may aid in our selective process for example, CV, transcripts, certificates, etc.
The deadline for receiving the completed applications is June 4, 2021. The deadline will be strictly applied. There is an application fee of $75. A check or money order can be made payable to Tulane Medical/SCB Dept. Sorry we do not accept credit cards. We look forward to receiving your application. Please note:
  1. Please submit your application only ONCE. Due to COVID we request that your application be sent via e-mail to
  2. Please make sure your name is included on ALL documents. This includes personal statements, CVs, etc.
***You may send your information by mail, email or fax to the address, email or fax number below***
Anatomy Certification Program
Tulane Medical School
1430 Tulane Ave., Box #8649
New Orleans, LA 70112
Fax: 504-988-3410

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