What is ACLP?

At Tulane's Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program (ACLP), we make a difference in your success. We prepare you for your career as a future physician through your participation in world-class anatomy courses and laboratories, training in leadership skills, in-depth advising, opportunities for medical experiences by shadowing physicians, and volunteer opportunities. Designed to meet the needs of talented individuals from a multiplicity of backgrounds, this program is right for you if you are on a waiting list at any medical school but were not admitted, are committed to serving others, and have the ultimate goal of entering the medical profession.

Since 1996, 378 students were certified in the Anatomy Certification and Leadership Program. Over 92% of ACLP students were accepted into leading medical schools across the country after completion of our program.

85%of ACLP students are admitted to Tulane.

ACLP students become leaders once they enter medical school and are often elected to class and school student government positions, serve on advisory committees, and participate as student representatives to the Owl Club

The academic year for the certification program extends from early August through mid-April. In Tulane's ACLP, students will take anatomy and histology in the same classes with medical students. Certified students admitted to Tulane School of Medicine serve as teaching assistants for their fellow students as they enter the medical school class.

Students will take the medical school course "Gross, Developmental and Radiological Anatomy", "Medical Histology" and the Seminars on Leadership. Opportunities are provided for mock interviews, additional cadaveric dissections, and medical education research. ACLP students have the option to participate in advanced dissection in the spring, adding their creative talents to the Tulane Digital Dissector and the real-time structure syllabus technology.

The Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program is ideal for students who would like the opportunity to compare themselves with the first-year medical school class at Tulane University School of Medicine. ACLP students will attend the medical school Gross, Developmental and Radiological Anatomy course and the Medical Histology course with the medical students. These courses lead by physicians and medical educators include traditional lecture and laboratories, and active learning such as student presentations, teamwork, and team examinations. ACLP students will fully participate in laboratories, team-based learning (TBL), and small group discussions and take the same tests as the medical students. Anatomy "Jeopardy" and exam preparation is highly popular among ACLP students. While the fall course, "Gross, Developmental, and Radiological Anatomy" is a full-time obligation, the Medical Histology course is a portion of the systems based integrated curriculum of the medical school. The Seminars in Leadership run during the medical school elective periods on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Students often have time for research and volunteering opportunities, shadowing clinicians, and pursuing clinical experiences during the spring.

Our experience is that excellent performance in this program will demonstrate to admission committees that the applicant has what it takes to do very well in medical school and will have a great chance to gain admission. We have designed the program to give the ACLP student every opportunity to demonstrate to admission committees their suitability for medical school.

**This program is intended only for enhancement of the medial school admission credentials.**

Medical Schools Attended by ACLP Graduates

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