Program Contacts

Anatomy Graduate Program Faculty

Program Director: Steven M. Hill, PhD, Professor,

Associate Program Director: Tripp Frasch, Lecturer,


All of the teaching for the graduate program in Anatomy is delivered by the same award-winning faculty who contribute to teaching in the MD program at Tulane School of Medicine. Faculty bring the highest standards of contemporary teaching and innovation to their courses.

Murali Anbalagan, PhD, Assistant Professor,

Victoria Perepelitsa Belancio, PhD, Associate Professor,

David E. Blask, PhD, MD, Professor,

Yan Dong, PhD, Professor,

Adam B. Lawson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor,
Director, MS Clinical Anatomy Program

Brian G. Rowan, PhD, Associate Professor & Chair,

Zongbing You, MD, PhD, Associate Professor,
Director, MS Anatomy Research Program

Lisa Zhang, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor,

Program Coordinator

Ms. Abigail Lecompte
tel: 504-988-5255


Biomedical Sciences Office
1430 Tulane Ave. Mail Code #8656
New Orleans, LA 70112
phone: 504-988-5226
fax: 504-988-3779