Master's Program

The Graduate Anatomy degree at Tulane University School of Medicine is a unique multi-track program. The program is an international comprehensive program that caters to the future of biomedical science: education, research, preparation, and training. It is a unique program, the largest anatomy program of its kind anywhere in the US. There are 4 tracks that lead up to the award of a Master of Science degree, depending on the ultimate career goal of the applicant. Each track is unique in its own right and prepares graduates for a specific career pathway. You can compare all 4 tracks side by side in a comparison chart by selecting the Courses link on the right of this page. The graduate program is very successful in guiding students along their selected track and the success rate for graduates being placed in professional programs or career employment after completion of their degree is high. Explore our program and see for yourself what we have to offer. Welcome to our community!

What are the academic requirements?

Applicants to the Graduate Anatomy program should have or be about to complete an undergraduate degree in any discipline and have a GPA of 3.0 on a four-scale. One of the following tests scores are required: a GRE score of 310, an MCAT score of 504 (28 on the former MCAT scale), or a DAT score of 16. A GAMSAT score of 75 can be used instead of a GRE score. These requirements are waived for applicants with an MD degree. For international students, a TOEFL score of 72 is required. Applicants to the MD-MS program must be Tulane medical students, with minimum course grades of 80%.

Who is this program meant for?

The a one-year non-thesis program that leads to the MS Anatomy degree. It is designed for those who intend to improve their qualifications and eligibility for applying to professional school programs. With a MS Anatomy degree, graduates can apply to the following programs at US and non-US colleges: medicine (MD, DO), dentistry (DMD), physician assistant (PA), biomedical sciences (PhD).

How long is the program?

The program runs from August to May.

Will the degree qualify a student for a PhD?

Upon graduation with a MS Anatomy degree, graduates can apply to PhD programs in US or non-US colleges and universities.

International applicants

International applicants are welcome to apply to these programs. Program information in other languages is currently available in the following languages:


Master of Science in Anatomy

Master of Science in Clinical Anatomy

Master of Science in Anatomy Research


Master of Science in Anatomy Research