The objective of the Master of Science Program in Anatomy is to train and produce competent, well rounded professionals. At the end of this program, graduates will have acquired training in knowledge and skills in the anatomical sciences. They will be able to perform dissections, deploy microscopic techniques, critically analyze scientific literature in the anatomical sciences, and understand rationale and design for studies and experiments in the anatomical sciences. With a Clinical Anatomy degree, graduates will be able to teach and carry out research in health sciences education. With an Anatomy Research degree, graduates will be able to design and conduct experiments in biomedical research. With a combined MD-MS degree, graduates will be able to apply fundamental principles of anatomy to surgical operative procedures and skills.Read More

  • Basic and applied knowledge: students will be guided through learning of the organ systems of the body in order to understand normal structure, function and development at the level of the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms. Students will be taught and encouraged to apply critical thinking during learning.
  • Systems-based knowledge: students will be guided through learning of organization and relationships between structure and function of organs and organ systems, and to understand how and why abnormal structure and function develop.
  • Scientific learning and improvement: students will be guided through learning how to search literature, interpret and apply the results of scientific discovery, review and appraise studies, and develop the skills and habits necessary for lifelong learning.
  • Ethics and professionalism: students will encouraged to develop the following as core values -  cooperation, honesty, integrity, commitment, and self-evaluation.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills: students will  be guided through learning how to work in teams, and develop the skills necessary for leadership, communication and service.

Course Objectives

In addition to these program objectives, each course has specific objectives which are outlined at the start of the course.

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