BMS Guidelines

Graduate program in Biomedical Sciences

The website of the Graduate program in Biomedical Sciences contains information about the program, including information for prospective and current students. The website also contains information about BMS degree guidelines, graduation, and the BMS Student Handbook. The following information below are extracted from the BMS Handbook. Please consult the handbook for up-to-date details.

Biomedical Sciences Office
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New Orleans, LA 70112
phone: 504-988-5226
fax: 504-988-3779


Academic Standards for BMS Graduate Program: Quality of Work Requirements

A minimum average quality-point average ratio of 3.0 (B) must be maintained by a student in the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. In reviewing records, a unit of B- is compensated by a unit of B+, the two being considered the equivalent of two units of B.

If a student receives one B- grade, the student is immediately considered for probation by the Assistant Dean in consultation with the Steering Committee. If a student receives two grades of B-, or one grade less than B-, during his/her tenure in the BMS program the student is placed on probation and considered for dismissal by the Assistant Dean in consultation with the Steering Committee. The students’ advisor will be consulted and will submit information to the Steering Committee on the student’s academic progress and research work. The student will be recommended to be removed from probation if they receive no further grades of B- or less in the following semester, as long as the student maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or better in BMS studies.

These regulations are taken from the BMS Student Handbook. Please consult the Handbook for up-to-date regulations.

MS Thesis

Students for the MS Anatomy Research degree must complete and submit a thesis prepared according to guidelines specified by the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. Please consult the BMS Student Handbook for the thesis preparation guidelines.

Student Health

Health Insurance: You will be required to show proof of health insurance coverage. You must provide the policy number and the name of the insurance company with whom you have coverage. You will not be allowed to begin classes without proof of insurance!

Immunization Records

Your immunization record must be completed and turned in at orientation at the beginning of the academic year. Tulane University Student Health are able to place a hold on your course registrations if your immunization records are not completed and submitted.