Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Core Facilities

Core facilities lab
Shared Instrumentation Facility

The Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF) is a core facility that offers access to instrumentation and technical services to accommodate a variety of investigations in the basic molecular biosciences. SIF is housed in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the 6th floor of  Hutchinson  (1430 Tulane Avenue), School of Medicine, Room 6722.  

FEES: Equipment usage fees are charged for a number of instruments as a means of recovering a portion of the costs associated with maintaining the equipment. Please contact Alexa Sturtz at or 504-988-7165 for details.

Users are required to reserve time on shared equipment using the iLab system. To set-up an iLab account, click here.



  • Beckman Avanti JE High Speed Centrifuge
  • Beckman Avanti JXN-26 High Speed Centrifuge
    Rotors available:
    JA-14.50 (16X50ml, conical bottom)
    JA-25.50 (8X50ml, round bottom)
    JLA-16.250 (6X250ml)
    JLA8.1000 (6X1000ml)
  • Beckman Optima XPN Ultracentrifuge
           Rotors available:
           Type 50.2 TI
           Type 90 TI
           Type NVT90
Supply Center

  • Supply Center and other Services

    • For additional facilities information, e-mail us.
      Dry Ice - Dry ice can be purchased from Fisher Scientific **HSC Only** and picked up from the Fisher Scientific Storeroom on the first floor. The order should be placed through Sciquest, part# NC9543009. For pricing and availability, please contact Garry Rolland at 504-988-5434 or Please note that the order must go through completely before the Storeroom can dispense any dry ice, so please plan accordingly.