Student FAQs

What do I do if I can't make my SP session?

If you have a schedule conflict that interferes with your SP session, try to find another student to switch times with you, and then notify us of the switch. Please let us know of the switch no later that one day prior to the event. You can find links to the schedules and contact information for upcoming events under your year on our web site.

What if I miss a SP session?

If you miss a SP session due to unforeseen circumstances, you should contact the dean's office to obtain an excused absence. Once you have done so, you may contact our office to arrange for a make-up session. Alternatively, if there are later sessions, you may contact us to see if there is room for you in one of those. Do NOT come unannounced to a later session.

What happens if I'm running late for a SP session?

It is imperative that you arrive on time for all sessions. If you are running late, notify us so that we can make arrangements. You may be asked to come to a later session. If there are no later sessions available, you will need an excused absence to make up that session.

Do I need to bring anything to my SP session?

Bring your stethoscope. If you don't own one, you may borrow one of ours for the day. All other equipment and supplies are provided, unless otherwise noted.

What should I wear for my SP session?

You should wear your white coat and business casual attire when coming to the SPP Center. You should not wear clothing that is ripped or excessively tight, low-cut, or short. Please do not wear shorts or flip-flops. You should refrain from wearing heavy fragrances as some people experience respiratory irritation. If you have long fingernails, you may be asked to trim them before performing certain exams.

If I have an issue with a SP, whom should I contact?

If you feel a SP you have worked with has given you incorrect information or behaved inappropriately, please let a staff member know immediately. Explain the problem in as much detail as possible. It helps to know the name of the SP and time of the session. TAPS staff will investigate all grievances and take appropriate action.

All of the study rooms are in use. Is there anywhere else I can study on the 22nd floor?

There are eight small classrooms on our floor available for student study 24 hours a day. These rooms can also be reserved by programs and faculty within Tulane for meetings. There are occasionally times when all of the rooms are in use for meetings and unavailable for student use. If that is the case, you should look for study space elsewhere.

Can I come in for additional practice with SPs?

We do not offer additional practice with SPs at this time. However, you can contact us to reserve an exam room and practice with your peers. You can reserve a room anytime during business hours as long as there are no events running that day. We also offer practice kits that can be used anywhere, anytime. Call or e-mail us to reserve an exam room or practice kit.

Can I practice with Harvey?

If you are a first, second, third-year student, you must have a chaperone in order to use Harvey. A chaperone can be a fourth-year student, resident or member of faculty. Harvey sessions are held by Dr. LeDoux two to three times a year for second-year medical students. If you are interested in additional practice, please contact Dr. LeDoux ( to find out who is available to chaperone.