Pharmacology Masters program

MS Class of 2024


One Year Masters Program

  • A one year post-baccalaureate program leading to the MS degree in Pharmacology
  • Designed for those interested in improving their credentials to gain admission to a medical or dental school
  • Class size is maintained at less than 25 to create a more personal connection between students & faculty
  • Students in our MS program take the School of Medicine's 2nd year Medical Pharmacology course (taught separately in a different sequence)
  • All graduate courses are taught within the School of Medicine by full time Medical School faculty
  • Successful performance will significantly improve ones credentials for applying to medical or dental school.
  • Our pharmacology curriculum includes 32 credit hours of graduate coursework to meet the "32-hour rule" used by those medical schools that focus on the most recent 32 hours of course work when assessing academic performance during their admissions process. This is of greatest benefit to those students with either a low undergraduate GPA, or who have been out of school for awhile prior to applying to medical school.
  • The average graduate GPA after successful completion of our program over the past eight years was 3.8, and over 78% matriculated into a medical or doctoral program of their choice.
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Key Objectives

  • To train students in the principles underlying medical pharmacology.
  • To better prepare students for professional advancement in either medicine, dentistry or other doctoral programs in the basic sciences.

If you have questions please contact:

Linda Martin
MS Program Coordinator
Department of Pharmacology
tel 504-988-2624

First day of 2024 fall semester: Monday August 19, 2024
Last week of fall classes & exams: Dec 9-13th
Followed by Winter Recess