Nephrology Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Tulane Nephrology Fellowship Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our program goal is to ensure that our fellows receive the highest quality educational experience that we can provide. As part of that responsibility, we firmly believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion in our training program will improve education and train more compassionate physicians that are engaged and committed to the communities that they serve.

New Orleans has a beautiful fabric of different cultures that have been woven throughout time to create one of the most unique cultures and cities in America. Whether it be diversity of race, gender, religious belief, national origin, ethnicity, age, ability, or sexual orientation found in the unique community of our city, we are committed to serving each one.

Nephrologists treat patients from diverse backgrounds that tend to be more vulnerable than the general population. We are tasked with training future physicians to address disease, not only at the site and time of occurrence but to try to tackle more difficult “upstream” factors. By training our fellows to recognize social, economic, environmental, and cultural factors, they will be better able to give patients the opportunity to engage in their healthcare and ultimately improve health inequalities that exist in our patient population.

Diversity is not simply a box to check, but a way to create a strong program that is deeply intertwined in the fabric of our community. Again, we are committed to providing a training environment intolerant of discrimination against any individual based on race, gender, religious belief, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. It is our goal that all residents and fellows feel supported and mentored and are provided with equal access to opportunities for professional growth and advancement.