Tulane Cancer Center

Asim Abdel Mageed


The driving force shaping Tulane Cancer Center’s development has been the urgency to address the deplorable problem of cancer mortality in this region. Since its founding, Tulane Cancer Center has invested and leveraged its assets into growing and enhancing our research programs and has developed several to levels of national and international prominence. We have built world-class teams in key cancer research specialties, including prostate cancer, genetic instability, health disparities, circadian rhythm disruption, viruses and cancer, and cancer drug discovery. Our lab bench-to-bedside philosophy has established a pipeline to translate key laboratory discoveries into improved treatment options for our patients. As an academic cancer center, we offer our patients the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach as well as access to cutting-edge investigational treatment and prevention trials. Through focused mentorship and training, we have also prioritized preparation and education of the next generation of cancer researchers and physician scientists.