Early Childhood Supports and Services - Consultation (formerly TECC)

doctor with mom and young son

Early Childhood Supports and Services (ECSS) provides consultation to pediatric primary care providers to promote mental health in children from birth to five years. 

Who We Are

Our consultation team includes child psychologists and clinical social workers with expertise in early childhood and infant mental health. Psychiatric medication consults are available upon request.

What We Do

Our consultation services include brief consultation and support to the medical providers to enhance prevention and early identification of children and families needing additional mental health services and community resources. We also provide infant and early childhood training for medical providers.

How it Works

Clinical consultation about patient mental health and behavioral concerns may be offered on-site or by phone, email, or secure video:

  • Contact us with a question or consultation request and receive a response from our team.
  • Consult with our infant and early childhood mental health psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists for clinical questions, resources, and referral information. - Schedule a consultation during your patient’s clinical visit.
    - Refer a patient for a clinical consultation in partnership with the provider, which includes a brief assessment, recommendations, and referrals to the patient and provider as needed.
  • We also provide brief, topic-focused training for your primary care clinic.

All consultation services are grant-funded and are provided free of charge to the providers and families. Consultation services can be provided virtually or in person. Consultation is part of the Early Childhood Supports and Services (ECSS) program. The ECSS program includes comprehensive assessment, treatment, and family support services.