Tulane Center for Immunity and Musculoskeletal Diseases

This is an image of a running man with a visible skeleton

The Tulane Center for Immunity and Musculoskeletal Diseases will serve as a platform to support our NIH Center Grants applications that we are pursuing as our one of most priorities. This Center holds a lot of potential especially with the recent NIH announcement relating to further understanding of the cellular and molecular diseases pathways to autoimmune and immune-medicated diseases which is in line with our current research projects and the mission of our Center. Click to read more about this topic here: https://www.nih.gov/research-training/accelerating-medicines-partnership-amp/autoimmune-immune-mediated-diseases and https://www.nih.gov/research-training/accelerating-medicines-partnership-amp

The Center looks forward to offering seminars and symposiums facilitating collaboration within and outside the center. The Center would serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and feedback relating to the Center members’ current and prospective research activities, share information relating to the members’ research projects, enhance collaborations among the members, and support applying for NIH Center grants and Multiple PIs grants in the near future.