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The Tulane Internal Medicine Residency program is deeply committed to resident wellness and the avoidance of burnout. We recognize the importance and value of providing the resources and avenues necessary to achieve the emotional and physical well-being of our residents. In addition, we spend time focusing on purpose through many of our activities, helping to re-center the reason we have chosen this profession as staying connected to our purpose can significantly impact our wellness. Please see the below initiatives undertaken by the residency program and the institution.: 

Wellness Committee: A resident-run committee, the Wellness Committee was developed in 2018 with the mission of supporting resident well-being, instilling resilience, and providing platforms to achieve wellness. The committee meets bimonthly and is responsible for sending out a residency-wide wellness newsletter, planning quarterly socials and holiday events, and advocating for wellness resources on behalf of the program.  

Wellness Half Days: Each resident is allocated 4 protected half-day blocks of time per academic year for residents to take care of medical, mental health, or other personal needs.   

Wellness Didactics: The program has regularly incorporated lectures into our didactics to promote wellness. These include didactics on sleep, narrative medicine, and…  

Wellness Spaces: Within each hospital site there are secured spaces for personal wellness. These include general meditation/wellness spaces, resident lounges at each hospital, and access to hospital employee gyms.   

Mental Health Resources: Residents have access to three mental health visits paid by the program through the Employee Assistance Program. Residents also have access to virtual mental health appointments through Integrated Behavioral Health.  

Annual Intern Retreat: Taken in the spring by the intern class. This is a time for reflection, bonding, and planning for the upcoming academic year.   

Annual Resident Retreat: Taken in the spring by the PGY-2 residency class. This is a time for reflection, bonding, and planning for the upcoming academic year. 

Mardi Gras: Each third year categorical is provided two days of coverage to partake in the festivities of Mardi Gras Season. 

Vacation: Residents get 4 weeks of vacation with an additional 1 week off either during Christmas or New Years. 


Be sure to follow the Tulane Wellness Instagram at @tulaneim.wellness To see more about Wellness at Tulane IM! 


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