Beautiful scenery of Navajo Nation at GPEC
Desert Hike in Navajo Nation
Picture of trailer taken at night at GPEC
Overnight Lodging in Navajo Nation
Ryan Basquez learning to make fried bread at Navajo Nation
GPEC fellow Ryan Basquez learning how to make fried bread in Navajo Nation.
GPEC fellow Dana Muhlfelder on rotation in India
GPEC fellow Dana Muhlfelder on rotation in India

GPEC, Global Palliative Educational Collaborative, is a track offered to HPM fellows at UCSF, Harvard, and Tulane. The core curriculum consists of the following elements:

  • A one-month clinical elective in either Navajo Nation in New Mexico, Uganda, Chile' or Kerala (Southern India), precepted by palliative care practitioners working locally
  • Mentorship in global palliative care at your home fellowship institution throughout your palliative care fellowship provided by experienced global health faculty
  • A series of regular virtual meetings throughout the fellowship year for track participants and their mentors across all three sites. These meetings focus on didactic topics in global palliative care as well as pre-briefing and debriefing.

In addition, you will have access to:

  • A database of global health resources available across all three home institutions
  • A global health community at your home institution
  • A growing network of global palliative care providers

Selection for the track is determined by each participating institution. Global health experience or work with underserved populations is encouraged but not required. All applicants will be appropriately trained to be proficient in basic global health skills during their clinical rotation. For more information about GPEC and other global palliative care opportunities, please talk with a GPEC curriculum director at any of the participating institutions.

  • Kathleen Doyle, MD- PD Harvard
  • Marcia Glass, MD -PD and GPEC Site Director, Tulane
  • Jessi Humphreys, MD-GPEC Site Director, UCSF
  • Carly Zapata, MD-PD, UCSF
  • Mark Stolenberg, MD-GPEC Co-Site Director, Harvard
  • Bethany-Rose Daubman, MD-GPEC Co-Site Director, Harvard
  • Rev. Denah Joseph-Tulane HPM DEI and Wellness Lead
GPEC site director Jessi Humphreys meeting with colleagues in Uganda
GPEC site director Jessi Humphreys meeting with colleagues in Uganda
A scene on GPEC rotation in India
GPEC fellows and faculty at AAHPM
rickshaw in front of an Indian temple
Scene from GPEC rotation in Kerala