Structural & Cellular Biology

groups of cells

Located within the School of Medicine at Tulane University's downtown campus in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Department of Structural and Cellular Biology (SCB) is committed to providing a quality education for both medical and graduate students while pursuing funded research, which will keep the Department at the forefront of cancer biology and neuroscience. The Department is further committed to providing service to the Medical School and University by the participation of the faculty on many key committees.

The department includes 12 full-time faculty members, a number of adjunct faculty, and a support staff which combine to meet its educational and research goals. Educational responsibilities include teaching major components of the first-year medical school curriculum, including Gross & Developmental Anatomy, Human Medical Histology and Medical Neuroscience, as well as teaching various related graduate level courses including our Anatomy Certification Program and Masters Degree Programs. Research areas of expertise include reproductive endocrinology and toxicity, neuroendocinology, neuroendocine influences of breast cancer, endocrine response mechanisms of breast cancer and prostate cancer, circadian biology and circadian disruption in cancer, transposable elements and genetic instability in cancer, mechanisms of initiation, progression and metastasis of prostate cancer, and experimental therapeutics for breast and prostate cancer.