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Biomedical Informatics & Genomics Division - About Us

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Welcome to Tulane University School of Medicine's Division of Bioinformatics & Genomics. Our program is committed to producing uniquely trained graduates who are critical to existing efforts in improving health outcomes. Our highest priority is to build a stronger presence in biomedical data sciences and informatics through clinical practice, research, and education.

Tulane’s Biomedical Informatics & Genomics Division brings together some of the nation’s most talented young people with nationally and internationally recognized teachers and researchers: all in the context of a vibrant city, with opportunities both in and out of the lab and classroom. Located in downtown New Orleans, our programs aim to train scientific minds in a collaborative and creative environment.


Meet our Chief of the Division

Dr. Hong-Wen Deng
Dr. Hong-Wen Deng

Dr. Deng’s work is published in nearly 600 peer-reviewed publications including journals such as Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Human Genetics, Endocrine Review, Plos Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics, Molecular Psychiatry, Bioinformatics, and Molecular Cell Proteomics. As of September 2020, these publications have been cited more than 21,382 times and his H-index is 72 and i10 index is 411. Dr, Deng’s primary research interests include all those areas that are related addressing the question: What and how genetic and environmental factors incur higher risk of, or better protection against, complex diseases, such as osteoporosis, in different sex and ethnic groups. Dr. Deng has won numerous NIH grants, including R01 grants and a U19 program grant and has advised/mentored more than 100 graduate students and faculty. Many of his mentees have become tenured professors winning their own grants with their own research centers/programs and some become academic and industrial administrators such as associate deans, department chairs and vice president of genomics companies.

Meet Our Faculty


Academic Programs

  • Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics
    • The Biomedical Informatics Master's Program is a four-semester program designed to enrich and improve the credentials of graduates, and to prepare them for future careers in biomedical informatics, such as to apply for biomedical informatics analyst, data scientist, or other healthcare-related professions.

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  • Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences
    • The Division of Biomedical Informatics and Genomics offers a Ph.D. track in Biomedical Informatics (BMI) within the Biomedical Science (BMS) Ph.D. program to assist in the discovery of novel therapeutic treatments and point to new lines of scientific and medical inquiry for improving human health. The program, Ph.D. track in BMI within BMS, is a part of the doctoral programs in Biomedical Sciences at Tulane University’s School of Medicine.

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Center for Biomedical Informatics & Genomics

The mission of the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Genomics (CBG) is to promote research and education in biomedical informatics, computational biology, various omics, drug repurposing, and translational research of human complex diseases/traits with the goal of accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, reducing mortality and morbidity, and improving the quality of human life.

Visit our Center for Biomedical Informatics & Genomics page for more information.


The World of Bioinformatics & Genomics: News and Events

AMIA 2022 Annual Symposium November 5th - 9th, 2022
"The Annual Symposium builds on more than 45 years of sharing research and insights for leveraging health information and cutting-edge technologies to improve human health. Scientific evidence is the language of trust in healthcare, and this year’s theme is Informatics: Building the Evidence Base."