The Louisiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Center (LA CaTS) grant provides faculty with the following services

  • Informatics services such as database development for studies and access to data from health related databases
  • Statistics & epidemiology support
  • Inpatient & outpatient clinical sites and clinical services to conduct projects (i.e. study coordinator, lab services)
  • Consultation in community-based participatory research
  • Ethics & regulatory consultation on protocol development
  • Expertise in health literacy in development of study documents designed for vulnerable populations.
  • Educational consultation in study preparation (i.e. protocol, etc.)
  • Technical services such as web-based tools and distance learning activities

 Pilot Grants Program

The Pilot Grants Program provides financial support for pilot projects, facilitate support-in-kind such as access to cores, statistical and regulatory support, and help awardees obtain any education and training needed to enhance the long-term success of these projects. The announcement and instructions for pilot applications are generally released every summer and applications are accepted from all LA CaTS Center participating institutions. The LA CaTS Center may also offer other types of funding opportunities that can be released throughout the year.

Roadmap Scholars Program

Each year the LA CaTS Professional Development Core selects eligible faculty members into the Roadmap Scholars Programs. The program funds faculty salary, travel, research expenses, and tuition for the Tulane Masters of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) program.  At the end of the program scholars will have competed successfully for an NIH Career Transition (K) award or its equivalent.