Family Medicine Residency

tulane bannerFamily Medicine differs from other primary care specialties by building its residency programs around the concepts of continuous, comprehensive, cost-effective, family centered health care. While Family Medicine residents spend substantial time both in hospitals and clinics, no other type of residency puts as much emphasis on learning to provide continuous care for patients in the outpatient setting, the setting in which most practicing physicians spend the majority of their time.

The three-year Family Medicine curriculum includes training in:

  • Care of adults
  • Pregnancy care
  • Care of children
  • Office and hospital procedures
  • Human behavior and mental health
  • Experience in the breadth of medical and surgical problems and their diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Care of the elderly
  • Community medicine
  • Emergencies
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Medicine management

East Jefferson General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

Baton Rouge General Family Medicine Residency Program

The Department cooperates with the excellent Family Medicine Residency programs in the area, and we have affiliations with EJGH in next door Metairie and B.R. General, just up the road the State capital. We are also exploring regional sites for possible development of residency training in the future. At the present time, we do not sponsor, nor are there specific plans for creating a Tulane Family Medicine Residency. We encourage interested trainees to investigate the excellent programs in the State, many of which regularly serve as training sites for Tulane students.

The Department of Family and Community Medicine has sought working relationships and affiliation agreements with Louisiana Family Medicine Residencies in order to facilitate collaboration in education and research. We have a strong relationship with most Family Medicine Residency Programs in the State. For additional information on student rotation opportunities, contact the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

The Directory of Family Practice Residency Programs published by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is an excellent and comprehensive source for information on Family Medicine Residency programs. This directory lists each program in the United States, and covers many topics in detail, including faculty, staff, administration, accreditation, size, salaries, etc.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Email or contact the Department of Family and Community Medicine.