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Tulane Anesthesiology is preparing the next generation of anesthesiologist for leadership and clinical excellence. We recruit the best people and give them extensive clinical training tools to equip them  for medical practice in the 21st century. Our department is committed to the best care of our patients and  the success of our hospital partners. To do this, our faculty commit to educating residents and we draw on the extensive resources Tulane University has and our international partnerships.Read More

Anesthesiology is one of the most challenging, demanding, and rewarding of all medical specialties. This specialty is challenging because of its involvement with every type of patient, and every imaginable condition. The demands of this specialty are great, as extensive knowledge and technical skills must be brought together for maximum patient care in a variety of clinical environments. Anesthesiology is rewarding because of its range of clinical practice opportunities, and there are numerous  professional development directions. We experience the great satisfaction that comes with making a tremendous impact on the lives of our patients, our colleagues, our hospitals and students.

Anesthesiology is no longer a specialty limited to the operating room. While much of the work occurs in the OR, the practice of anesthesiology has expanded into intensive care units, ambulatory care centers, non-OR diagnostic areas, outpatient facilities, clinics, research labs and classrooms. Anesthesiologists are advancing medical care at the local, national, and international level. The specialty of Anesthesiology has been driving patient safety and quality improvement long before they became the popular topics. Tulane Anesthesiology is preparing physicians with the knowledge and skills for today, and the critical thinking and leadership skills that will carry their careers forward.

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