Nephrology and Hypertension Fellowship

enlarged illustration of kidney

Nephrologists take holistic care of many of their patients, requiring honed general history and physical exam skills, as well as those specific to Nephrology.  Tulane fellows are trained in the art of history and physical examination as part of their inpatient consults, clinics, and dialysis rotations.

Medical Knowledge is gained by direct patient contact on clinical rotations, in continuity clinics, and on dialysis shifts. Additionally, there are extensive didactic conferences, including core lectures, journal clubs, case conferences, biopsy conferences, and research conferences.Read More

Tulane Nephrology Fellows develop procedural proficiency by performing temporary dialysis catheter placement, kidney biopsies of native and transplant kidneys, chronic and acute hemodialysis, including continuous therapies, and peritoneal dialysis.

Fellows acquire the skills necessary to be effective physicians through expansion of medical knowledge, enhancement of interpersonal and leadership capabilities, and the understanding of the principles of ethical care. The program fosters habits for life-long self-education and personal growth.

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