Orthopaedics - Research

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The Tulane Department of Orthopaedics is actively involved in both clinical and basic science research to improve the quality of orthopaedic care.

In our basic science Cartilage Research Laboratory we are actively researching means to protect and restore articular cartilage. The Tulane articular cartilage research team, led by Dr. Zongbing You and Dr. Felix Savoie has published numerous articles in peer reviewed publications and has obtained several research grants for multiple ongoing projects in the field of joint restoration.Read More about research

The Tulane Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory has initiated projects on the stability of the elbow after reconstructive surgery and is also actively involved in additional areas of research. A fully operational MTS testing laboratory allows us to evaluate the efficacy of numerous surgical procedures and determine the most effective methods.

The Tulane Surgical Skills Training Laboratory is a 6 station arthroscopy and surgical skills lab used for training orthopaedic residents and active surgeons in the new cutting edge techniques. The laboratory is also used to evaluate the new surgical instruments and devices developed by the innovative orthopaedic surgeons of the Tulane faculty to enhance the practice of orthopaedic surgery.

The Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine has a fully operational human performance laboratory set up to evaluate athletes of all ages to determine the efficacy of their sports performance. The current projects involve the enhancement of velocity and endurance in overhead throwing athletes and some extremely promising work on knee injury prevention in young athletes.

Tulane Orthopaedics is also actively involved in clinical projects evaluating the results of surgical and nonsurgical solutions to common orthopaedic problems. Numerous peer reviewed publications have been generated by the progressive surgeons of Tulane Orthopaedics and our Residents.

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