Tulane Performance Institute

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Tulane Performance Institute is the motion analysis lab, located at the Fascial Institute at Tulane Doctors Sports Medicine Plus in New Orleans, LA. The cornerstone of the biomechanics lab is the Noraxon Nexium system, a marker less motion capture system. AndrĂ© LabbĂ© and his team are able to capture research-grade motion, EMG, and slow-motion camera data on the field, pitch, or court. This is a new era of motion study, that can now keep the athlete in their natural environment. This opens up a new frontier of studying human movement and sets Tulane, and the Department of Orthopedics, to become the leaders in the application of science towards real time medical care. 

Services at our location:

  • Noraxon Nexium system, a marker less motion capture system
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic Electromyography (EMG)
  • Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Training (in the same building)
  • Orthopaedic Office Visits & Urgent Care (in the same building)

We are conveniently located in Lakeview, New Orleans. We are in the same building as the doctors and athletic trainers you trust from the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine and Tulane Orthopaedics.

Get help improving your performance or recover faster after an injury. We see patients of all ages and orthopaedic problems. We provide multiple retail service options and we offer discounted group rates, if applicable. For example, our Basic Musculoskeletal Evaluation w/ Noraxon Nexium system is $500. Check out our website for a full pricing list. We accept payments by card or check.

Learn more about Tulane Performance Institute at tpinola.com.