Community Pediatrics and Immigrant Health

Dr. Kim Mukerjee gives an examination at the Jefferson Community Health Center.

The section of Community Pediatrics and Immigrant Health aims to improve the health of underserved and underinsured children in the Greater New Orleans area by addressing the challenges of domestic healthcare disparities and providing guaranteed access to culturally competent pediatric primary care through innovative approaches to prevention, advocacy, education, and research.Read More

Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the section of Community Pediatrics and Global Health evolved into a long-term investment in the future of New Orleans by bringing high-quality compassionate care directly to the city’s youngest and most vulnerable residents.

We are a “mobile team” who goes out into the community in order to provide primary care at three clinics in the Greater New Orleans area.  We also provide asthma education and clinical management at school-based health centers.  Our biggest goal is to provide care to the most vulnerable children in this region. We take immense pride in being advocates in our community and in the Gulf South for providing standard of care primary care services to immigrant and refugee children.

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Programs and Services

- preventative health screenings
- intensive case management
- comprehensive primary care
- specialty care

The New Orleans Children’s Health Project (NOCHP), a collaboration between Children’s Health Fund and Tulane University School of Medicine, was formed as part of the initial disaster response following Hurricane Katrina, and continues to deliver compassionate, high-quality care to disadvantaged and medically underserved children in Orleans and Jefferson parishes where they live, play, and learn.


John Carlson is the New Orleans site PI for the NIH-funded ISPCTN ECHO network. This clinical trials network examines the environmental influences of pediatric disease. Dr. Carlson is the chairman of the Stakeholder Engagement Working Group.

Our Team

Mary Rossi, MD - Section Chief
John Carlson, MD, PhD NOCHP director of advocacy
Kim Mukerjee, MD, MPH - NOCHP Director of Immigrant and Refugee Health
Mark Lister, MD - NOCHP Director of Community Outreach
Jeanne McKay, LCSW -  Senior Program manager
Miguel A. Alonso - NOCHP case manager

Contact Info

Section Main:
New Orleans Children's Health Project
Tulane University, Section of Community Pediatrics and Immigrant Health
1430 Tulane Ave
Mail Code 8637
New Orleans, LA 70112
Office phone: 504-988-0545
Office fax: 504-988-2962

Department Main:
Tulane University School of Medicine
Pediatrics Department
1430 Tulane Avenue
Mail Code 8637
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-988-6692
Fax: 504-988-1771

Awards and Honors

John Carlson, MD, PhD - 2017 New Orleans Health Care Heroes
Health Care Hero award - honors 50 health care professionals in the New Orleans area. Honorees are selected based on industry and community involvement and achievement that have set the pace for the overall community.

John Carlson, MD, PhD - 2019 John Lewy Award
The John Lewy Award honors a Tulane Pediatrics faculty member who demonstrates outstanding leadership over the course of the year.  Dr. Lewy was a nationally known pediatric nephrologist and was a strong leader for the department, serving as chairman for 26 years. 

Kim Mukerjee, MD, MPH - 2017 & 2019 Katherine Knight Award
In recognition of outstanding advocacy for benefit of children's healthcare

Kim Mukerjee, MD, MPH - 2019 Irwin Redlener Award
Awarded by the Children's Health Project for outstanding child advocacy