The Tulane Pediatric Hospitalist Section provides services at Children's Hospital New Orleans.  Dr. Craig Conard, Dr. Margot Anderson, and Dr. Jessica DeBord are on the full-time faculty of Tulane School of Medicine. They are skilled, knowledgeable pediatricians who, along with the most up-to-date pediatric skills, bring extensive knowledge of the Tulane Pediatrics faculty, staff and facilities to bear on the care of children and adolescents hospitalized at Children's Hospital New Orleans.Read More

The hospitalists receive patients from the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital New Orleans and also accept direct referrals from community-based physicians whose patients require hospitalization. They also assist our pediatric sub-specialty faculty with the hospital care of their patients. This enables our sub-specialists to be more available for consultation and out-patient services. The continuity of care that Tulane Pediatric Hospitalists provide is invaluable both for the patients directly and as an educational model for our pediatric residents and students. As a bonus, more faculty time is available for pediatric clinical education and research, too.

The hospitalist section has also moved to facilitate clinical activities of subspecialty sections, including gastroenterology, nephrology, infectious disease, endocrinology, allergy/immunology, and neurology; toward this end, the hospitalists are the primary admitting physicians for patients requiring those services, with the subspecialist acting in a concurrent-care role.  This allows the subspecialist to focus attention on outpatient clinic activities while still maintaining staff presence for each patient (in the form of the hospitalist), without diminishing subspecialists' authority to direct the care plan.

The hospitalists, with the assistance of Tulane's Pediatric Patient Navigator Stacey Barbaro, RN, make it a priority to maintain close contact with the primary care physician and family throughout a child's stay and upon discharge.

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Our Team

Craig Conard, MD - Section Chief
Margot Anderson, MD
Jessica DeBord, MD

Contact Information

Patient Services:
Children's Hospital New Orleans
200 Henry Clay Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-899-9511

Department and Section Main:
Tulane University School of Medicine
Pediatrics Department
210 State Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-988-6692
Fax: 504-988-1771