Radiology Academic Achievements


Department Academic Achievements 2019 to present:


Dr. J Nguyen:

Peer Review Publication related to Medical Education:

•    Nam H. Vo, BSN, Manjot K. Mashiana, MBS, Jonathan Shih, MD, Chau C. Vo, DO, Jeremy Nguyen, MD.  “Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastasis to the Maxillary Sinus”.  Ear Nose Throat J. 2019 Apr 28:145561319844767. doi: 10.1177/0145561319844767.   PMID:31032660

•    Nam H. Vo, BS, Manjot K. Mashiana, MBS, Chau C. Vo, DO, Kenneth Ward, MD, and Jeremy Nguyen, MD. “Atypical Presentation of Lipoblastoma of a 9-Month-Old”.  Ear Nose Throat J.  2019 Jun 98(5):261-262. doi: 10.1177/0145561319825819. PMID: 31208223

Medical Educational Poster/Electronic Exhibition
2019     “Neural Networks in Deep Learning: A Simplified Explanation for Radiologists
Educational computer exhibition at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, December, 2019, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

2019     “What Every Radiology Resident Should Know: A Quick and Easy Guide to Clinical PET Imaging in Recurrent Prostate Cancer with F18-Fluciclovine PET/CT”
Educational computer exhibition at the 119th annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) in May 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii

2019     “Spinal Synovial Cysts: What Radiologists Need To Know”
Educational computer exhibition at the 119th annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) in May 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii
Radiology Website Teaching Case
03/2020     “78-year-old man with incidental mass”
Case of the day about parotid gland lipoma.  Accepted and published on, March
2020.  AuntMinnie website is a comprehensive community internet site for radiologists and related
professionals in the medical imaging industry.  

Current Clinical Trial
•    Blue-earth-diagnostic-investigator-initiated trial (BED IIT-382):  Changes in 15F-fluciclovine Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Patients with Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Treated with Abiraterone Acetate:  A Pilot Study
Responsibility: I am Co Principal investigator and responsible PET/CT imaging interpretation

Dr M. Serou:

Chen Zhao1, Joyce H. Keyak, Jinshan Tang1, Tadashi S. Kaneko, Sundeep Khosla, Shreyasee Amin, Elizabeth J. Atkinson, Lan-Juan Zhao, Michael J Serou, Chaoyang Zhang, Hui Shen, Hong-Wen Deng, Weihua Zhou. A Deep Learning-Based Method for Automatic Segmentation of Proximal Femur from Quantitative Computed Tomography Images. Bone submitted May 2020.

Mahmoud Shalaby, MD1, Deena Hadedeya, MHS, MD1, Eman A. Toraih, MSc, MD, PhD1, Grace S. Lee, MD, FACS1, Kareem Ibraheem, MD1, Mohamed Abdelgawad, MD1, Mandy Weidenhaft, MD2, Michael Serou, MD, PhD2, Emad Kandil, MD, MBA, FACS, FACE. Predictive Factors of Radioiodine Therapy Failure in Graves' Disease: Meta-analysis. Thyroid submitted March 2020.

Dr. M. Weidenhaft :

ACR Case In Point: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast Mimicking Abscess; Emelife N, Hanemann C, McNabb L, McNulty C, Kuchana V, Weidenhaft M. 2018. Published July 14, 2020.
Aunt Minnie Website Case of the Day: 78-year-old man with incidental mass (Parotid Lipoma); Quinn K. Smith, Christopher Konfirst, Jeremy Nguyen, Mandy Weidenhaft.…. Published March 6, 2020

Neural Networks in Deep Learning: A Simplified Explanation For Radiologists Educational electronic exhibit at 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in December 2019, Chicago, Illinois

Spinal Synovial Cysts: What Radiologists Need to Know: Electronic Exhibit Poster presented at: American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting in May 2019; Honolulu, HI, USA.
Gomez, J.S., & Vu, V.H., & Serou, M.J., & Fang, E., & Palacios, E., & Nguyen, J.B., & Weidenhaft, M.C..

Goddard, Stephanie; Chan, Michael; Tran, Daniel; Honda, Michelle; Weidenhaft, Mandy; Triche, Benjamin "PVT in COVID-19" Submitted to Chest, August 2020 (manuscript ID CHEST-20-4272)
Ultrasound Elastography Predicts Thyroid Nodule Volume Reduction Rate After Percutaneous Ethanol Ablation; Mohamed Abdelgawad MD1, Hosam Shalaby MD MPH1, Mounika Akkera MD1, Yasmine Rashad BS2, Lee Grace MD3, Emad Kandil MD MBA (Submitted 2020)
Predictive Factors of Radioiodine Therapy Failure in Graves' Disease: Meta-analysis; manuscript ID THY-2020-0252. Shalaby, Mahmoud; Hadedeya, Deena ; Toraih, Eman; Lee, Grace ; Weidenhaft, Mandy; Serou, Michael;  Ibraheem, Kareem; Abdelgawad, Mohamed; Kandil, Emad (Submitted 2020)

Study of Factors affecting morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 Patients at Tulane Hosptial (in-Progress)

Robert Raymond Resident:

TACE with Oncozene Retrospective Study, IRB approved, data collection, analysis and write up in progress, submitting to JVIR

SIR ( society of interventional radiology) 2020 Posters

The Current State of Management and Treatment Indications for Renal Angiomyolipomas

The Rise of T1 Renal Cell Carcinoma: Technical Aspects of Current Treatment Options

Sara Long Resident:

Long, S.A.*, Tahboub, M.*, Palamino, J., Alkhatib, A.L., Kennedy, T., Caridi, J., Lasky, J.A. Hypercoaguability in COVID-19 ICU Patients with Respiratory Failure Results in an Increased Prevalence of Venous Thromboembolic Disease.  Manuscript accepted to CHEST, 2020.  *Denotes co-first authorship  

Other papers on the docket:

Craver R.D., Stark M, Moss S, Long S, Pinki P. WAGR with sex reversal, bilateral gonadoblastomas, and intralobar nephrogenic rests.  Manuscript submitted to Fetal and Pediatric Pathology, 2020.  
Long S.A., Bisset L, Dickson, W, Cutrer M, Gonzales J, Arcement, C. The Assessment of Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures in Adolescents.   Manuscript in preparation for re-submission, Pediatric Radiology Journal, 2020.
Long S, Bisset L, Hightower S, Haymon, M.  Infantile Syphilis on the Rise: A Radiological Case Report from New Orleans Children’s Hospital. Manuscript in Preparation for submission, Pediatric Radiology Journal, 2020.
Abedigba, J, Long, S, Nguyen, J.  Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the Interatrial Septum.  Manuscript in Preparation for submission to the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, 2020.

“Radiologist Wellness: Moral Injury and Health Hazards”. Long, S.  Radiologic Society of Louisiana (RSL), State ACR Chapter, November 2, 2019, Baton Rouge, LA
“Assessment of Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures in Adolescents”. Long, S., Bisset, L., Arcement, C. American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS), April 24, 2018, Washington D.C. (Podium Presentation)

Dr Ben Triche:

Projects have included 9 residents and 7 medical students from Tulane SOM.
1.    Triche BL, Nelson JT, McGill NS, Porter K, Sanyal R, Tessler FN, McConathy JE, Gauntt DM, Yester MV, Singh SP.Recognizing and Minimizing Artifacts at CT, MRI, US and Molecular Imagining. Radiographics Fundamentals. July-August 2019.
2.    Zhang Y, Wells SA, Triche BL, Kelcz F, Hernando D. Stimulated-echo diffusion-weighted imaging with moderate b valuesfor the detection of prostate cancer. European Radiology (2020). 30: 3236-3244.
3.    Porter K, Donaldson SL, Cason D, Galgano S, Triche BL, Gordetsky J,  Rais-Bahrami S. Fused High B-value Diffusion-weighted and T2-weighted MR Images Improves Identification of Extraprostatic Disease in Patients with Prostate Cancer. Clinical Imaging December 2020. 68: 202-209.
1.    Triche BL, Pietryga JA, Jyoti R. Prostate MR: It’s not always adenocarcinoma. Prostate Workshop Presentation at SAR Annual Meeting, Maui, HI. March 2020.
2.    Triche BL, Lubner M, Pooler BD, Glazer JM, Mao L, Pickhardt P. Prospective Assessment of Positive Oral Contrast for CT in the ED for Non-traumatic Abdominal Pain. Oral Abstract Presentation at ASER 2020 Virtual Meeting.
Pending Publications:
1.    Currently accepted following revisions: Case of pulmonary vein thrombosis in COVID-19. Goddard S, Honda M, Chang M, Tran D, Weidenhaft M, Triche BL. CHEST journal.
2.    Manuscript Submitted: Effect of iodinated contrast material on post-operative eGFR when administered during renal mass ablation. Nicole E. Curci; Benjamin L. Triche; E. Jason Abel; Gauri Bhutani; Kimberly A. Maciolek; Leo D. Dreyfuss; Glenn O. Allen, MPH; Elaine M. Caoili; Matthew S. Davenport; Shane A. Wells. European Radiology.
3.    Submitted to ARRS for educational exhibit: mpProstate MR: Anatomy, Utility, and Findings Beyond Adenocarcinoma. Rocco M, Vu J, Pollock G, Nguyen J, Pietryga J, Triche BL
4.    Currently in progress: Case of partial corporus cavernosal thrombosis. Hua J, Chen Allen, Triche BL
5.    Currently in progress: TACE with oncozene. Raymond R, Kunen B, Carlos C, Novack M, Bordlee B, Triche BL, Caridi J
QI Project:
1.    Standardized GI fluoroscopic manual for Residents. May 2020. Emelife N, Vu V, Fonseca A, Triche BL

Dr. C Hanemann:


Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (TMIST). Multicenter Trial for National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute/American College of Radiology. Cynthia Hanemann, M.D., Tulane University, May 2019 - present

Invited lectures:

Hanemann, Cynthia, M.D. “Ovarian and Adnexal Reporting and Data System for Ultrasound” LAR Teleradiology Conference from Tulane University to LSU Shreveport


Hanemann, Cynthia, M.D., Becker, Carol, M.D., Patrick, Eric, M.D., Long, Sarah, M.D. “Unfavorable Sonographic Signs in Early Pregnancy” Electronic presentation at the meeting of the American Society of Emergency Radiology, Scottsdale, AZ, September 11–14, 2019.

Becker, Carol, M.D., Hanemann, Cynthia, M.D., Patrick, Eric, M.D., Bladeau, Erick, M.D., McArthur, Drake, M.D. “Non Fatal Drowning: Current Terminology & CT and CXR Findings Over Clinical Course” Electronic presentation at the meeting of the American Society of Emergency Radiology, Scottsdale, AZ, September 11–14, 2019.

Juan Morales Leonn: Resident:

•    Villela, V.A., Morales, F., Cavigli, A., Palacios, E.; Pediatric EBV+ Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma With Complete ICA Occlusion; ENT Journal; August 30, 2020.
•    Morales-Leon, J.F.,  Villela, V.A., Cavigli, A., Manning, D., Palacios, E.; "Ganglioglioma of the Occipital Lobe with Resultant Quadrantanopsia".  Summited to Pediatric Radiology Journal.
•    Morales-Leon, J.F.; Raymond,R.; Ezell, M; Bordlee., B; Caridi., J.;Embozene™ Microspheres for Uterine AVM Embolization; EVT Supplement Embolic Therapy_APRIL2019_PI-621909-AA.
•    Barhaghi, K.; Morales, J.F.; Yu, M.; Nguyen, J.; McNabb, L.; What Every Radiology Resident Should Know: A Quick and Easy Guide to Clinical PET Imaging in Recurrent Prostate Cancer with F18-Fluciclovine PET/CT; #E2376
119th Annual Meeting of the ARRS; Honolulu, Hawaii; May 5-10, 2019.


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