Graduates: 2004 - 2024

The Department faculty is active in counseling residents about their career choices and helping residents and fellows secure the best possible position upon completion of their training. 

The diverse education provided at Tulane University Hospital prepares a resident for either a competitive fellowship or a life in private practice. Each resident is exposed to a mixture of thoughtful academic medicine and high paced private practice through rotations at Tulane, Children’s, West Jefferson Hospitals and Veterans Administration Hospital.

Over the past five years, the majority of graduating residents chose to pursue a fellowship. Each and every one of these residents acquired an excellent fellowship as listed below.

A Tulane University Radiology residency allows for a wide variety of career paths. The choice is yours.



Class of 2024

 Stephanie Goddard, MDInterventional Radiology

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Bisig, MDNeuroradiology

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Roberto Chavez Appendini, MDIndependent Interventional Radiology

Stanford University

Palo Alto, CA

Matthew Parker, MDTulane Faculty

Tulane University School of Medicine

New Orleans, LA

Ahmed Rashad, MDNeuroradiology

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

St. Louis, MO

Amy Yu, DONeuroradiology

University of California, Irvine

Orange, CA



Class of 2023

Honda,MichelleBreast ImaginingEmory, Atlanta, GA
Konfirst,ChristopherMusculoskeletal RadiologyHospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY
Nguyen,TaysonMusculoskeletal RadiologySanta Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA
Rocco,MarkNeuroradiologyLouisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA
Zetzmann,ChristopherMusculoskeletal RadiologyTulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA



Class of 2022

Hua,JackMusculoskeletal ImagingUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kunen,BenjaminInterventional RadiologyTulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA
Long,SarahPediatric RadiologySeattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA
Morales Leon,JuanNeuroradiologyMallinkrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO



Class of 2021

McArthur, DrakeMusculoskeletal ImagingDepartment of Medical Imaging (DMI) at the University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Murphy, KieraInterventional RadiologyUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama
Raymond, RobertInterventional RadiologyMD Anderson,Houston, TX



Class of 2020

Correia, JenniferInterventional RadiologyUniversity of California Irvine. Irvine, California 
Emelife, NancyBreast ImagingStanford University. Stanford, CA 
Fonseca, AdamInterventional RadiologyLoyola University. Chicago, IL 
Vu, VietNeuroradiology RadiologyUniversity of California Irvine. Irvine California 



Class of 2019

Barhaghi, KrystlePediatric RadiologyChildren’s Hospital of Colorado. Denver, Colorado 
Logan, BissetPediatric RadiologyDuke University. Durham, North Carolina 
Marshall, AndrewInterventional RadiologyBrown University, Providence, Rhode Island 
Nguyen, NhanMusculoskeletal RadiologyUniversity of South Florida. Tampa, Florida 



Class of 2018

Blanchard, AdamNeuroradiologyUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Madison, Wisconsin 
Bonnaig, Jean-VictorMusculoskeletal RadiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pittsburgh, PA 
Garza Garcia, LorenaVascular and Interventional RadiologyUniversity of Miami Jackson Hospital. Miami, Florida 
Tavernier, TavernierPediatricsCincinnati Children’s Hospital. Cincinnati, OH 


Class of 2017

Degeyter, KyleInterventional RadiologyAlbany Medical Center Albany, New York 
Molchanova-Cook, OlgaFacultyTulane University School of Medicine 
Patel, AnishAbdominal ImagingUniversity of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 
Werhun, ErinBody ImagingLoyola Medical Center Maywood, IL 


Class of 2016

Bordlee, BruceVascular and Interventional RadiologyMiami Cardiac and Vascular Institute Kendall, FL 
Castillo Jorge, SarahNeuroradiologyUniversity of Florida at Gainesville, FL 
Fauria-Robinson, ChristianInterventional RadiologyUniversity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 
Shaikh, MohammedBody ImagingJohns Hopkins Baltimore, MD 


Class of 2015

Allen, LaveilMusculoskeletalVanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 
Patel, MontuBody ImagingNorthwestern University, Chicago, IL 
Eghbalieh, NavidInterventional RadiologyUCLA,  Los Angeles, CA 
Welke, BrettInterventional RadiologyColombia University, New York, NY 
Hsieh, Kuang- ChunNeuroradiologyUniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia , PA 


Class of 2014

Horam, EloriceBreast ImagingMontgomery Radiology Associates at Baptist Health Systems, Montgomery, AL 
Manning, DavidPediatric RadiologyChildren's Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, CO 
Ploch, StefanMusculoskeletal RadiologyTulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans 

Class of 2013

Abraham, LeePrivate PractiveMonroe, LA 
Carpenter, HeatherMusculoskeletalTulane Univ. School of Medicine Department of Radiology 
Rhodes, BrianInterventionalUniversity of Florida, Jacksonville, FL 
Travis, BrettBody ImagingOchsner, New Orleans, LA 

Class of 2012

Casey, DouglasNeuroradiologySeattle, Washington 
Gupta, JaganNeuroradiologyDuke University, Durham, North Carolina 
Haile, MorganMRIUniversity of Connecticut, Farmington, CT 
Weidenhaft, MandyMusculoskeletalTulane Univ. School of Medicine Department of Radiology 

Class of 2011

Ezell, Mary BrooksInterventional RadiologyBaptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Kendall, FL 
Dockery, Ryan NInterventional RadiologySt. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY. 
Gupta, Neel DMusculoskeletalUniversity of California, San Diego, CA 
Tai, JenniferPediatric RadiologyChildren's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH 

Class of 2010

Dang, MatthewNeuroradiologyDuke University, Durham, NC 
Johnston, SeanMusculoskeletalTulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 
Le, KennethNeuroradiologyBaylor University Houston, TX. 
Porter, ChadMusculoskeletal/Body ImagingTulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 
Stelly, MarcusPrivate PracticeLafayette, LA 
Wasilewska, EwaPediatric RadiologyBoston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA 

Class of 2009

Gomez, JuanNeuroradiology/ NeurointerventionalJohns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, MD 
McNabb, LesleeWomen's ImagingTulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 
Taylor, LoriBody ImagingJohns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, MD 

Class of 2008

Balart, J. TruittBody ImagingUniversity of Washington, St. Louis, MO 
Kumar, RoyMusculoskeletalUT Houston,  Houston, TX 
Lindfors, DennisMusculoskeletalTulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 

Class of 2007

Cline, KellyNeuroradiologyUniversity of Washington, Seattle, WA 
Cutter, DarrenNeuroradiologyEmory University, Atlanta, GA 
Hutchins, TroyNeuroradiologyUniversity of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 
Kirsch, DavidInterventional RadiologyBaylor University, Dallas, TX 

Class of 2006

Berkowitz, EugeneMusculoskeletalUniversity of Texas, Houston, Houston, TX 
Reyes, MiguelMusculoskeletalTulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 

Class of 2005

Charafeddine, RiadPrivate PracticeFort Dodge, IA 
Hudkins, MatthewMilitary  
Saeed, MohammadVascular/InterventionalRhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI 
Sanii, AndrePrivate PracticeLos Angeles, CA 
Shore, BrianVascular/InterventionalUCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA 

Class of 2004

Hanemann, JamesMusculoskeletalUSCD, San Diego, CA 
Ram, SunilNeuroradiologyUniversity of Florida, Gainesville, FL 
Wai, AlexanderPediatric RadiologyChildren’s Hospital, Boston, MA 


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