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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Tulane University School of Medicine

Department of Surgery

We, the members of the Tulane Department of Surgery, are committed to establishing an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment. We firmly believe diversity amplifies our strengths and fosters a thriving and sustainable community. We respect and embrace the rich distinctions present through race, gender, religious beliefs, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation.

  • Through deliberate and transparent action, we seek to achieve our vision and successfully recruit diverse faculty, staff and residents including those who have been, historically underrepresented in medicine, in an effort to reflect the identities of all of the patients we serve. Persistent examination of our policies and processes provides the opportunity to improve their effectiveness and to minimize bias, prejudice, and discrimination. 

  • Through education, we champion cultural competency and intentionally break down barriers to safe communication. As part of the department, our residency and fellowship programs value diversity and inclusion. They present a rich educational and multicultural experience through a whole-person nurturing environment.

  • As a department, we strive to create a safe professional community, which offers a sustainable sense of belonging for all staff, students, residents, fellows, and faculty.

Esprit de Corps

The core of the Department of Surgery is centered around these components: integrity, accountability, education, leadership, and microcosms of family. With this core vision in mind, 5 mantras that are easy to learn and easier to share when spreading the culture of Tulane Surgery, our Esprit de Corps!

  1. Trust is the foundation
  2. I'm all in
  3. Each one, teach one
  4. Aspire to greatness
  5. Family in everyone

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