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Living in New Orleans




New Orleans is an incredible place to live. With a rich culture deriving from its French, Spanish, African, and Native history, the architecture, cuisine, music, and celebrations of New Orleans are truly unique. In addition to weeks of Mardi Gras festivities, we enjoy year-round festivals, parades, and concerts.

The population of New Orleans enthusiastically embodies joie de vivre. A gregarious and fun-loving bunch, New Orleaneans are proud to share their culture. In spite of New Orleans having its share of hardships– or perhaps because of this– locals remain and rebuild because of their fierce love of their community and their sense of commitment to each other. 

Compared to other major US cities, the cost of living in New Orleans is low and traffic is incidental. Because of its tourism, the city is able to sustain the amenities of a much larger metropolitan area (museums, professional sports, concerts, and world-renowned bars and restaurants) while enjoying the benefits of being physically smaller.

The cultural values of our city are imbued into our program, which has a long-standing, close relationship with our community. Our faculty are engaged, energetic, and care deeply about our residents’ success. Moreover, our residents consistently say that what makes the Tulane surgery residency special is the residents’ and faculties’ sense of community and responsibility to each other.

More information about living in our wonderful city can be found here:  https://medicine.tulane.edu/admissions/living-new-orleans