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Molecular Genetics

Cancer cannot occur without multiple genetic changes. Among these changes is the addition of viral gene expression to the cell, as well as mutations to cellular genes, either sporadic or induced by environmental mutagens. These changes ultimately lead to an overall genetic instability that contributes to the formation and progression of the tumor. This program includes investigators who study aspects of the human genome itself which naturally contribute to genetic instability, investigators who work on the genes which play a primary role in maintaining or altering genomic stability, as well as those who study the mutagenesis process and the environmental contribution to mutagenesis. These studies are relevant to translational research both in the diagnostic arena and in identification of targets for therapeutic intervention. Tulane Cancer Center faculty members in the Molecular Genetics Program Include...

Hans Andersson, MD
Vecihi Batuman, MD
Victoria Belancio, PhD
Carol Burdsal, PhD
Srikanta Dash, Ph.D.
Prescott Deininger, PhD - Director
Stacy Drury, MD, PhD
Christopher Dvorak, MS
Melanie Ehrlich, PhD
Astrid Engel, PhD
Erik Flemington, PhD – Program Leader
Jeffrey Han, MD, PhD
Aaron Hoffman, PhD
Nancy Hopkins, PhD
James Jackson, PhD
Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah, PhD
S. Michal Jazwinski, PhD
Xiang Ji, PhD

Sam Landry, PhD
Sean Lee, PhD
Laura Levy, PhD
Zhen Lin, MD, PhD
Hong Liu, PhD
Hongbing Liu, PhD
Hua Lu, MB, PhD
Arthur Lustig, PhD
Anil Mishra, PhD
Debasis Mondal, PhD
Gilbert Morris, PhD
Ivona Pandrea, MD, PhD
Mary Phelan, PhD
Zachary Pursell, PhD
Yu-Ping Wang, PhD
Jeffrey Wickliffe, PhD
Qinyan Yin, PhD
Jinqiang Zhang, PhD