Alumni & Friends,


We truly appreciate your interest in supporting the future of Tulane Urology. A future guided by an exceptional past – a beacon of education, research, and outstanding patient care. 

Your support at any level is crucial and is greatly appreciated. Your tax-favorable gift is a vital investment, allowing our team to work, to learn, and to grow in an environment of excellence.

When considering your gift, we invite you to designate its use to any of the funds below:

Edgar Burns Visiting Professor Fund

This endowment fund honors a former chair of the department by supporting a resident-nominated professor, usually at the end of our academic year and for the graduation banquet.

Dr. Blackwell B. Evans Sr. Pediatric Visiting Professor Fund

As the first and premier pediatric urologist in this part of the country, Dr. Evans contributed to our department and the community at large. This fund honors him by hosting an annual visiting pediatric urology specialty faculty.

J.U. Schlegel Research Fund 

This fund sponsors critical research activities in recognition and honor of the first Chair of Tulane Urology as an independent department. His foresight laid the groundwork for the greatness ahead. 

Dr. Joseph Hume Research Fund

A former chair,  Dr. Humes' research activities and accomplishments are well recognized. This fund honors him and supports special research programs in our department.

Prostate Cancer Support Fund

This fund specifically supports our multiple research projects in the arena of prostate diseases, and has secured purchases of key equipment for our research faculty.


Giving is simple with our online form:


If you prefer, you may mail your gift to the following address:

Tulane University School of Medicine

Department of Urology

1430 Tulane Avenue, #8642

New Orleans, LA 70112

Remember to take advantage of our generous tax laws when it comes to such gift giving!