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This is a unique opportunity for all urologists who are performing robotic surgery to interact with other robotic surgeons around the state. It is hoped that we will mutually educate each other on how to advance robotic surgery within the state of Louisiana.


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Louisiana State Urologic Robotic Consortium (LSURC)



Dr. Raju Thomas

  Dr. Raju Thomas, Chair and Professor,

  becomes President-Elect of the AUA






Founded in 1902, the American Urological Association  (AUA) is a premier urologic association with more than 23,500 members worldwide. Its mission is to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research, and the formulation of healthcare policy. The AUA annual meeting is the largest gathering of urologists in the world, and provides access to groundbreaking research, new guidelines, and the latest advances in urologic medicine. Dr. Thomas was to assume the role of president-elect at the 2020 meeting in Washington D.C., but it was canceled due to COVID-19. 


This honor coincides with Dr. Thomas in his 25th year as Chair of the Department of Urology here at Tulane, where he also serves as Professor of Urology and Residency Program Director. Dr. Thomas’ career has been dedicated to finding minimally invasive therapy alternatives to urologic surgery. He has the distinction of introducing urologic laparoscopy in 1991 and was the first surgeon to perform robotic urologic surgery in the entire Gulf South in 2002. He has authored more than 180 scientific articles and book chapters, and his experience has earned him a place in advanced continuing medical education programs around the world. His career highlights include Presidency of the SES-AUA and the 31st World Congress of Endourology. Above all, his rescuing and rebuilding the Department of Urology at Tulane University following Hurricane Katrina counts as his greatest personal achievement. In 2016, he received the AUA Distinguished Service Award for these efforts.  


As President-elect, more of his duties will be conducted online and over teleconference than those previously elected. The travel being curtailed for the next many months will keep him in New Orleans and close to his home base. At the 2021 AUA meeting in Las Vegas next year, Dr. Thomas will take over the mantle as President of the AUA.


This is indeed an honor for Tulane Urology, Tulane University, New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana to count this leadership amongst us. Dr. Thomas is sure to bring his vast experience and immutable passion to this new role.


Link to AUA's list of new officers and board members



AUA 2020 - Now Virtual AUA 2020 Acceptances

The meeting that was not to be...

Our faculty and residents work diligently on their research projects and are excited when their many efforts are recognized with acceptance into the American Urological Association (AUA) meeting’s agenda of presentations.


The May 2020 meeting in Washington, D.C. was of course canceled, but the AUA is moving to a new Virtual platform where our following acceptances can be accessed:

Video: A Better Boari Flap: Technical Modifications in the Robotic Approach (R.Thomas, J. Zurawin, R. Libby)

Presentation: The Effect of Exercise and Diet on Erectile Function Time Omer Raheem

Presentation: Diagnosing and Treating Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome W. Hellstrom

Presentation: Controversies in the Treatment of Priapism: Pharmacology, Shunts or Penile Implants W. Hellstrom

Presentation: Current Concepts and Controversies in Male Hormone Replacement Therapy W. Hellstrom

Panelist: Peyronie's Disease Management: Tips & Tricks W. Hellstrom

Debate: Should we use Hba1c Cut-Offs for Selecting Men Undergoing Penile Prothesis? W. Hellstrom

Abstract: Perioperative Morbidity of Penile Prosthesis Placement with Concurrent Surgery - A National Report Presenting Author: Omer Raheem

(Omer Raheem, Mahmoud I. Khalil, Mahip Acharya, Nalin Payakachat, Bruno Machado, Ayad Yousef, Rodney Davis)

Abstract: The Elderly Pyeloplasty: Is it as Safe as We Think? Data from the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Presenting Author: Cooper Benson

(Cooper Benson, Mahmoud I. Khalil, Mahip Acharya, Nalin Payakachat, Rodney Davis, , Omer Raheem, , Ehab Eltahawy)


Abstract: Assessing the Safety of Surgical Intervention During the Acute Phase of Peyronie's Disease Presenting Author: Caleb Natale (Tulane Medical Student)

(Caleb Natale, Hoang Minh Tue Nguyen, Joshua Pincus, Nick Ottiano, Scott Brimley, Jacob Greenberg, Dan Raza, Joseph Kim, Nick Ottiano, Brian Dick, Ayad Yousif, Wayne Hellstrom, Omer A Raheem)

Abstract: Predictors and Perioperative Morbidity Associated with Early Versus Late Discharge Following Artificial Urinary Sphincter Placement

(Benjamin Schurhamer, Mahmoud I. Khalil, Naleen Raj Bhandari, Bruno Machado, Sherif Mourad, Rodney Davis, Cooper Benson, Omer Raheem)


Abstract: Early Postoperative Complications Associated with Laparoscopic Cryoablation For Renal Mass

(Mahmoud I. Khalil, Naleen Raj Bhandari, Nalin Payakachat, Omer Raheem, Rodney Davis, Mohamed Kamel)

Abstract: Racial Disparities In Years Of Potential Life Lost Secondary To Untreated Low And Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer Deaths

(Mahmoud I. Khalil, Milan Bimali, Rodney Davis, Bruno Machado, Omer Raheem, Mohamed Kamel)

Abstract : Surgical Outcomes of Traumatic Penile Fracture Repair on Long-Term Erectile and Urinary Functions: Analysis of Trauma Registry (Caleb Natale, Niklos Moring, Laith Alzweri, Amit Reddy, Jacob Greenberg, Ayad Yousif, Cooper Benson, Wayne Hellstrom, Omer Raheem)

Abstract: Surgical Outcomes of Traumatic Penile Fracture Repair on Long-Term Erectile and Urinary Functions: Analysis of Trauma Registry Caleb Natale

Abstract: Efficacy And Safety Of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) Treatment in Peyronie’s Disease Patients With And Without Calcification Ayad Yousif

Abstract: Characterizing the Disease Course and Current Treatment Practices of Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome in a Large Sample of Patients Caleb Natale

Abstract: Safety and Efficacy of Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum in the Treatment of Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease: A Multi-Institutional Analysis H. M. Tue Nguyen


Man Up: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month- | WWLTV |

According to the American Cancer Society, one in seven men will be diagnosed and one in 38 will die of prostate cancer. Caught early, before it spreads, it is very curable.